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How much military gear could we have gotten for what we spent on the Mueller probe?

Conservative Review

Almost two years and around $30 million in taxpayers' hard-earned money later, the Mueller probe yielded a conclusion that many Americans knew all along: That there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

And while Democrats gear up to use the findings as fuel for their next impeachment push, the report's conclusions raise another question: What else could we have spent that money on?

One conservative congressman has an answer. Freshman House Freedom Caucus member Mark Green, R-Tenn., tweeted out a list of military supplies that could have been purchased with the probe's estimated $30 million price tag.

Green is a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger and special operations flight surgeon. According to his reckoning the American people could have purchased over 1.5 million meals for troops or almost half a million uniforms or almost 20,000 sets of lifesaving body armor.

A spokesman for Green's office told Blaze Media that the calculations were based off the costs outlined in a 2002 NBC report from the War on Terror while the cost for boots came from the current online retail cost of this pair of military boots.

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