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New low: Politico's reprehensible smear of Texans during disaster

Conservative Review

In Houston the water has not yet crested, but that hasn’t stopped Politico from smearing the people who are still in a life-or-death situation. As the media focuses on the obvious real stories from the areas affected by Harvey, like Donald Trump’s words and Melania Trump’s shoes, Politico takes gutter journalism a step further. By publishing a political cartoon that attacks victims of flooding, Politico has found a new low in journalism.

How low did they go? So low that they deleted their tweet with the cartoon. But as always, screenshots are forever:

Get it? LOL. Texans are a proud, redneck, independent sort, so it’s totally ironic that they need government to save them.

Here’s the reality that destroys Politico’s narrative: The cartoon’s message couldn’t be further from the truth.

The real story from Harvey, like it is after almost all natural disasters in this country, is how everyday people rise to the occasion and help others and themselves in their most trying hours of need.

Everyday Texans, including some with Confederate flags, jumped at the chance to help their neighbors, without regard to race, creed, or political persuasion. When the government authorities were overwhelmed and could not rescue people, who did they call? Texans with boats. Those Texans, many of them, gasp, possible rednecks, heeded the call.

Not only is this Politico farce horribly wrong in tone, it is dead wrong on the facts.

People from all sides and all walks of life are attacking Politico for this cartoon. Here are a few from Twitter.

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