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Obama admin reserves hero's sendoff for Castro. Thatcher? Nope!

Conservative Review

President Obama will send a higher-level delegation to the funeral of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s funeral than he did when Margaret Thatcher was laid to rest.

Ben Rhodes, the White House deputy national security advisor and one of the president’s closest aides, will attend the Castro funeral, the Obama administration announced Tuesday. He will be joined by Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the U.S. ambassador to Cuba.

Castro, imposed his tyrannical rule on the people of Cuba for half a century. Known for his firing squads, labor camps, and suppression of basic human rights, he was also fiercely anti-American, allying with the Soviet Union in hopes that one day the United States would crumble.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Tuesday: “The president has decided not to send a presidential delegation to attend the memorial service.” However, with the sending of Rhodes, whether or not the president sent an “official” delegation becomes more or less an issue of semantics.

The United States restored official diplomatic relations with the Cuban regime in July 2015. Rhodes, who has been on Obama’s team since 2007, was an integral member of the administration’s push to normalize relations with Havana. The New York Times previously reported on Rhodes’ efforts to advance negotiations with Cuba, claiming he “spent more than a year sneaking off to secret negotiations in Canada and finally at the Vatican.”

Rhodes has utilized the enormous influence of his position to pursue the Obama foreign policy agenda, leaving a trail of deception in his path.

The White House deputy national security advisor has bragged that he purposely misled journalists regarding the U.S. negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Rhodes boasted about his success in creating an "echo chamber" to move public opinion toward accepting a nuclear deal with the Ayatollah’s regime.

When baroness Thatcher passed away in 2013, the president did not send a SINGLE high-profile member of his administration to the funeral. Two Reagan-era secretaries of state, James Baker and George Schultz, attended on behalf of the U.S., along with the ambassador to the United Kingdom.

As the first female prime minister of the U.K., Margaret Thatcher helped end the Cold War.

“All over Europe the peace marchers demonstrated to prevent Western missiles from being installed for their defense,” President Ronald Reagan wrote  in a 1989 piece for National Review, “but they were silent about the Soviet missiles targeted against them! Again, in the face of these demonstrations, Margaret (Thatcher) never wavered.”

The Soviet press nicknamed her “the Iron Lady,” a tag she embraced in showcasing her resolve against tyranny.

Lady Thatcher, a voice for liberty and freedom worldwide, and a key ally in bringing about the end of the Soviet Union, was given the cold shoulder by President Obama. Fidel Castro, the ruthless tyrant, known for mass executions and the subjugation of basic human rights, gets Ben Rhodes, an irreplaceable part of the White House foreign policy team.

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