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On crime: From the party of Reagan to the party of … Kim Kardashian?!

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For too many years, the scales of criminal justice were tilted toward protecting rights of criminals. Those in charge forgot or just plain didn't care about protecting your rights — the rights of law-abiding citizens. ~Ronald Reagan, Feb. 18, 1984

Kim Kardashian is now the voice for drug traffickers who work with Columbian drug cartels to kill our people. Evidently, some “conservatives” think that is really cool. Where is the voice for crime victims and for law enforcement?

The truth about “low-level, nonviolent” drug traffickers

Kardashian went to the White House to discuss a potential pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, sitting in prison for 21 years so far for drug trafficking. The jailbreakers are trying to use her as a poster child for their false over-incarceration talking point, but this case in fact proves the opposite.

Johnson was the leader of a drug ring trafficking cocaine, which was one of the largest ever prosecuted in that district in Tennessee. According to the Sixth Circuit opinion, Johnson was the one who had the contacts with Colombian drug lords and trafficked thousands of kilograms of cocaine. She was not a low-level drug mule. She was likely responsible for countless deaths. We now have a crisis with fentanyl-laced cocaine, in which cocaine is the fastest-growing cause of death among drug fatalities. Guess who is the biggest cocaine dealer in Latin America working with the drug cartels? Hezbollah.

And on Johnson’s case, remember that Obama studied the federal prison population very carefully and released almost 2,000 drug traffickers (on top of the 46,000 already released over the past decade), and Johnson was not given a pardon even by Obama.

Why does everybody suddenly minimize the drug crisis when it comes to law enforcement on drug trafficking of substances causing 85 percent of drug overdoses, but when it comes to spending billions on crony and unproven drug treatment programs and regulating health care, suddenly the talking point of “it’s only drugs” goes away? Where is the libertarianism to fight Congress misdiagnosing the opioid crisis and hurting pain patients? Treating doctors like drug dealers and drug traffickers like Girl Scouts appears to be the bipartisan agenda of Washington. Which is why you can’t half-ass libertarianism.

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