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The open-borders crime wave that doesn’t seem to bother Congress at all

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The House plans to hold endless hearings on the conditions of the detention facilities holding illegal aliens. What few in government and the media plan to focus on is what we are not seeing but that is still coming into our country, since Border Patrol has been transformed into Walmart greeters and babysitters. Moreover, what nobody in the media wants to discuss is the number of people who come in openly and go on to commit crimes in this country.

Despite so few agents left patrolling the line, Border Patrol still caught over 19,000 criminals at our border so far this fiscal year. These are just the ones they caught, and these are only the ones who are already convicted criminals. Can you imagine how many new criminals are getting through, strategically brought in by the cartels with the certainty that Border Patrol can’t catch them because they are dealing with the bogus asylum? Can you imagine how many are first-timers who have no criminal record or known record that is communicated to our national security officials, but are still threats?

This is the issue the political class will not discuss. You never hear them discuss sex trafficking of kids, smuggling, cartels, drugs, gangs, and crime. You only hear narratives about conditions of the detention facilities. But none of these problems would occur if we actually held the line at the border and upheld both the letter and spirit of our laws and turned back illegal aliens or prosecuted them. Instead, Border Patrol is being told to rush these families in as quickly as possible, serving the interest of nobody. All of Border Patrol’s operational capacity is being diverted to cater to the Left’s demands rather than protect our national security, yet it still gets accused of running concentration camps.

In what should be national news but instead happens almost every day without any media coverage, a 17-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala, Baudilio Salomon Diaz Ambrocio, allegedly raped a seven-year-old girl in Cobb County, Georgia, so badly that she needed surgery. ICE confirmed to me that there is a detainer on him and he is indeed a removable alien, but would not answer my question about his history and whether he was resettled as an “unaccompanied minor.” “We are not able to provide any case specifics on our end regarding a juvenile,” said the regional public affairs spokesman.

As I’ve reported before, a number of the Central American teens resettled in the country have turned out to be violent and have ties to gangs. Roughly 40 percent of those caught in Operation Matador, an ICE operation against MS-13, turned out to be resettled as UACs. Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Director Mark Morgan, who briefly served as acting director of ICE, said earlier this year, “As chief of the Border Patrol, I would tour the detention facilities filled to capacity with unaccompanied minors. … As I looked as these groups, I saw both hardened young men as well as vulnerable and lost youth. With every encounter, I walked away wondering how many would be lured into joining a gang.”

Yet, thanks to privacy rules of DHS, almost all of their crimes go unreported to the public. While every death of a Central American is publicized in every media outlet with every piece of biographical information imaginable, nearly every death or harm caused by criminal aliens goes unreported.

The purpose of Border Patrol is to protect Americans from foreign nationals who would do us harm, not to protect foreign nationals from sickness and dehydration, although agents certainly do a heroic job of saving thousands of them every year, which also goes unreported in the media.

Every day, I struggle to get information regarding crimes committed by those who should never have been here in the country. ICE has an internal policy against divulging immigration history without a formal request, and even after the request, information is very limited.

This week, I’ve been working on the story of Victor H. Ortiz, who allegedly killed Barbara Gaulke and Sandra Forscht in a drunk driving incident in Lake County, Illinois, on June 8. He had a history of driving drunk and was even caught driving drunk 20 days after this incident, before he was arrested, after local officials confirmed through blood and urine tests that he had been driving drunk in the previous fatal accident.

I inquired about his immigration status because local media reported that he attempted to flee to Guatemala. Now, Breitbart’s John Binder is reporting from his sources that the man is a naturalized citizen, but he originally came in as an illegal alien. It’s unclear how he obtained a green card.

Even in areas that are very supportive of open borders, some of the local leaders are starting to admit they have problems. Dona Ana County, New Mexico, the ultimate sanctuary jurisdiction, has experienced seven fatal shootings over the past few weeks. Five of them were related to drug cartels. The local sheriff and police chief now admit that with border checkpoints down and with agents diverted away from countering the cartels, the criminal networks have a free lane. “With asylum seekers coming to the border and throwing up their hands to every Border Patrol agent they can see, the cartel is a very active observer," said Kim Stewart, Doña Ana County Sheriff, in an interview with the local ABC station.

While House Democrats hold hearings on behalf of illegal aliens, the question nobody in the Republican-controlled Senate is asking is why should Border Patrol be forced to allow in so many criminals, yet still get called Nazis? And if not Border Patrol, then why can’t the military actually defend our border?

Ultimately, this all boils down to one question: Are the assets of the United States government for the protection of the American citizen or for the welfare of those seeking to subvert our sovereignty?

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