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Pastor to Levin: 'Our nation today is getting away from anything that looks like righteousness'

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America is forgetting the spiritual principles that gave birth to it, and that's yielding some very bad results for our country as a whole and for its future, a prominent evangelical pastor warns.

On Sunday night's episode of Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed America's increasingly secular culture with Cornerstone Church Pastor John Hagee.

Levin and Hagee also discussed the large number of evangelical Christians in America and why they only ever seem to be discussed at arm's length and with disdain by most of the mainstream media.

"America is slipping from its moral foundations of faith and Bible principles into secularism," Hagee explained. "The further into secularism you go, the further away from the word of God you go. And when you're away from the word of God, you are away from God."

"And it will produce nothing but heartache and chaos, because the real principles of society, the real principles of this nation, are still in the word of God," Hagee later added.

Hagee also warned that "our nation today is getting away from anything that looks like righteousness."

This secularist drift has also manifested in the fact that "socialism is having a heyday" thanks to the new wave of far-Left Democrats in Congress, even though it "always produces heartache." He pointed to some of history's most horrific examples of socialism in practice.

Hagee is also the author of the new book "Earth's Last Empire," which is about current events, biblical prophecy, and the end of days.

Another ill effect of America's drift is the degradation and dissolution of the American family, Hagee said. "We have a situation in our country where the family has been replaced by governmental support, and the authority of the father in the home is a thing of mockery, and we are paying an awesome price."

What is that price? "A child that does not hear the principles of righteousness out of the mouth of its father or out of the mouth of its mother will always go into the streets and search for a leader," Hagee explained. "And those leaders are leaders of gangs, and they're leaders of a lifestyle that's detrimental to America."


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