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President Trump: Call their bluff

Conservative Review

It's no secret that President Trump loves to be vindicated. However, it's difficult to achieve vindication without clarity. Here's how President Trump could clarify things, leading to his vindication on two current battlefronts.

1) Agree to talk with Mueller -- but only on live television.

The tangible results of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe have primarily consisted of two things: a never-ending leakocracy providing content for media hostile to the Trump administration, and charging people with crimes that don't actually directly tie into the conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency.

As we saw during the campaign, nobody is a better advocate for Trump than Trump himself. His current surrogate on the Mueller front, Rudy Giuliani, is frankly a clown show doing more to drive up Democrat voter turnout against the president than change the narrative. For example, since Giuliani began weirdly discussing the prospect of the president pardoning himself on May 30th (why would an innocent man need to pardon himself, after all?), the Democrats have doubled their lead in the generic congressional ballot, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average.

The president should call Mueller's bluff himself. Don't wait for a subpoena. Don't negotiate questions. But tell Mueller to go big or go home, and he will talk with him on one condition -- that it's on live television.

Live television is the president's natural habitat and the environment that has done more to help his political fortunes than any other, whether it be a rally, a moving speech before a joint session of Congress, or disemboweling dissemblers in the mainstream media during a press conference.

Therefore, he should seek to end this endless probe once and for all, but on his home turf, not in a situation behind closed doors that could be leaked as a negative portrayal or with approved questions that will do nothing but provide further fodder for his political opponents by making it look like Trump is hiding something. If there's nothing to hide, then tell Mueller to bring his best, you'll do the same, and may the best man win with the nation watching.

Because other than the measly 835,000 average viewers watching CNN's imploding prime-time lineup each weeknight, the rest of America is tired of the story and wants to move on. So tell Mueller to put up or shut up, and to your face, Mr. President.

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