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'Rape culture is a myth': Steven Crowder triggers TCU with latest 'change my mind' video

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CRTV host Steven Crowder has released a new episode in his "Change My Mind" series, one that may be his most controversial yet.

Returning to Texas Christian University, Crowder set up a booth with a sign that read "Rape Culture Is a Myth" and challenged students to change his mind through argument.

Several students found his sign offensive. They told Crowder they weren't interested in discussing the empirical data on rape and expressed disbelief and outrage that Crowder would broach this topic.

On Tuesday, the TCU vice chancellor for student affairs released a statement saying Crowder "makes his living by posing a divisive statement to a group, often college students, and asking them to change his mind. His method of operation is to garner a reaction from individuals, which he in turn, makes fun of while filming for his show."

On Twitter, the school disavowed Crowder's views.

TCU student Bennet Baker told the Star-Telegram that he saw group of students crying near Crowder's booth.

“I can see for victims how that would have been for them. Maybe it wasn’t the best spot for him, maybe he could have been at the end of the street where people could talk if they wanted to,” he said. “People with bad memories were forced to see the sign.”

Others were indignant that Crowder was on campus.

“I think the main feeling was, why are you on our campus?” sophomore Taylor Long said. “Rape culture is definitely more prevalent on a college campus. That especially made it 10 times more offensive because of its prevalence here.”

Many students were mad. Several were emotional. But did anyone offer a rational defense of the existence of rape culture? No.

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