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Report: Obama admin. risked SS benefits of Americans to give 'Dreamers' amnesty

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The Obama administration risked the Social Security benefits of millions of Americans to advance DACA amnesty, a Temple University law professor claims.

Jan Ting, writing in the Washington Times, says the Obama administration secretly ended a policy to prevent Social Security fraud, all to ensure that illegal immigrants eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program were not dissuaded from applying to the program because they've used false Social Security numbers.

Noting that the Social Security Administration estimates that three out of every four illegal aliens possess Social Security numbers fraudulently, Ting explains how this became a problem for the Obama administration's DACA amnesty.

"When U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) began accepting DACA applications on Aug. 15, 2012, applicants were required to complete a standard work authorization form that required applicants to 'include all [Social Security] numbers [they] have ever used.' In other words, many DACA applicants would have been obliged to confess in writing that they had committed a felony," Ting writes.

Recognizing that many potential DACA recipients would not sign up for the program and risk being caught committing fraud, the Obama administration announced it was "not interested" in identifying cases of SSN fraud. Going further, the Obama Social Security Administration was ordered to "suspend its decades-old practice of notifying employees by mail if the name and SSN under which their wages were being reported by their employers did not match the name and SSN in the SSA’s own records," according to Ting.

The public was not told. Worse, American Social Security benefits were put at risk.

Many SSN “mismatches” are due to identity fraud, which means that many Dreamers were at risk of receiving mismatch letters from the SSA. Since awareness that they had been “flagged” as identity thieves might well have dissuaded them from disclosing their whereabouts in a DACA application, suspension of the SSA program was a logical add-on to the other actions taken by the administration to prevent fear of identity-theft prosecution from depressing DACA applications.

However, many “mismatches” are due, not to fraud, but to inadvertent errors in the tax-reporting forms that the worker supplied to the employer or the employer supplied to the SSA. (A very common error is the use of a married name by a female worker who did not notify the SSA of her name change.) Mismatch letters were therefor[e] a vital tool for protecting the Social Security benefits of U.S. citizens and other lawful workers. If the worker was unaware of the mismatch and had no opportunity to correct the error, he or she would receive no Social Security benefits on account of the reported wages. (emphasis added)

The Obama administration stopped enforcing the law by notifying employers of instances of Social Security mismatch. As a result, millions of Americans may have had their Social Security benefits endangered, all because the lawless Obama administration made amnesty for illegal immigrants a priority.

The reason we know about this is infuriating. Ting explains that "the fact of the suspension was buried in a footnote to an SSA Records Maintenance notice and, until now, was virtually unknown outside the SSA."

Social Security benefits of American citizens were put at risk for amnesty, and the Obama administration couldn't be bothered to tell anyone outside a footnote in a government report. Unbelievable.

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