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The Sessions-Cruz video Fox News doesn’t want you to see

Conservative Review

When establishment candidates are losing support with the voters, they often resort to their last subterfuge in the bag of tricks.  They try to taint their conservative opponent as something less than a consistent conservative in the hopes of deflating the momentum of said opponent.  I’ve seen this dynamic play out in almost every competitive primary.  And this is exactly what we are seeing with the entire GOP establishment media that is suddenly concerned that Ted Cruz is not really a conservative.

To those of us who worked on the immigration issue in 2013, there was no secret as to who was pushing amnesty and who was fighting for American sovereignty.  But who better than Jeff Sessions to set the record straight?  Here it is straight from the mouth of the general that Cruz was standing with him “every step of the way”:

“I believe without the vigorous opposition of Ted Cruz, this bill likely would have passed.  So we need to thank him for that.”

Notice that Sen. Sessions speaks of the $1.5 billion spent on ads promoting the Gang of 8. Guess who starred in those ads for Mark Zuckerberg? Yup, the junior senator from Florida.

Sessions goes on to recount that day in May 2013, when the Senate Judiciary Committee met to mark up the bill and how Cruz was one of the first people he saw rattle Schumer’s cage.

You won’t see this video played on Fox News. They will continue to entertain themselves within their insular echo chamber.  Unfortunately for them, the voters aren’t listening.

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