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'That's how sick they are': Levin calls out the Left for cheerleading a recession despite another strong jobs report

Conservative Review

Friday brought another strong jobs report, yet President Trump's detractors in the media appear too busy trying to conjure up a recession to notice it.

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed the day's strong jobs numbers alongside Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's comments that the U.S. isn't headed for a recession and put those up against the anti-Trump media's nonstop economic doomsday predictions.

According to a report from CNSNews, the most recent jobs report shows that a record number of 157,878,000 people were employed in August — the 21st record set under the Trump administration. The numbers, Levin added, were especially good for black and Hispanic workers.

"These numbers are incredible, and we should be celebrating them," Levin said. "The American economy, when let loose by a president and a Congress — a president slashing regulations, a president slashing taxes, creating a healthy, vibrant economic environment — has positive consequences for the American people."

Yet, Levin continued, many in the anti-Trump media aren't celebrating the new jobs numbers; instead, they're cheerleading for a recession, which the chairman of the Federal Reserve  says isn't likely.

"The media on all platforms — all platforms, every platform — has been shouting the word 'recession' for a month," Levin pointed out. "But they won't give Trump any credit. They won't give capitalism any credit. Instead, on and on and on about the wage gap; on and on about the rich and the poor; on and on with the Marxist pablum that is regurgitated by the Democrats who want to be the nominee for president, that is regurgitated by the drama queens and the drama kings who call themselves journalists and anchormen and hosts."

"People in Hollywood urging, pushing, hoping for a recession even though it would create hardship for tens of millions of people," Levin remarked, "because they want Trump to take a fall. That's how sick they are."

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