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The agenda-driven left-wing media is dividing Americans

Conservative Review

At every opportunity, the agenda-driven anti-Trump media hammers the president by twisting words and facts, amplifying the Democrat narrative that President Trump is a racist and misogynist.

The consistent badgering of the president feeds the angry Democrat mob with misinformation, while the mischaracterization of President Trump outrages his supporters. The stark political chasm was measured by a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that reported 80 percent think the U.S. is divided and 90 percent feel the division is a serious problem. The high percentage of political division was consistent among political, geographic, and demographic groups.

The left-wing media coverage of Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren’s claim of Native American ancestry is a textbook example showing the way news can be used to divide Americans.

The battle lines were drawn well before Warren released her DNA test results and date back to a July 6 Boston Globe story, “Critics say Trump’s insults of Warren were a double scoop of misogyny, racism.” The story blasted President Trump’s July 5 speech in Montana that included criticism of Warren’s claim of Native American heritage. During the speech, President Trump visualized a debate in the future and described how he would challenge Warren to take a DNA test to prove her minority status is real. The president’s remarks were interpreted to be both racist and misogynist.

The first paragraph of the story reads like a commentary, not a news story, “President Trump has shown delight in talking about women’s bodies, whether it’s their blood, their reproductive organs or their figures. And often communicates racial dog whistles to his base of loyal white supporters.”

The story’s title also revealed the anti-Trump bias and guaranteed its predetermined conclusion by quoting CNN political commentator Ana Navarro. On cue, the Never Trumper Navarro delivered the desired script by reaffirming her belief that President Trump, “is a crass, unpresidential, morally unfit, infantile, disgusting jerk.”

A few months after the Boston Globe story, Warren released her DNA test results, and they showed that the vast majority of her DNA is not Native American. The results were devastating to Warren’s claim of minority status and proved President Trump right about her false heritage narrative. Instead of criticizing Warren for propagating a myth, the left-wing media turned the matter into an anti-Trump bashing exercise.

Appearing in the Washington Post, Colorado University assistant history professor Honor Sachs’ commentary, “How Pocahontas - the myth and the slur - props up white supremacy,” slammed President Trump.

First, Sachs acknowledged Warren’s DNA test results were “so vague” and carry "no legal significance for any contemporary tribe,” but after that admission, she went on to blame President Trump because he called Warren “Pocahontas,” which she believed forced her to take the DNA test to defend herself. Sachs didn’t stop there and went on to claim President Trump’s calling Warren “Pocahontas” was “to serve his politics of racial division.”

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert also commented on Warren’s DNA test results and, predictably, criticized President Trump and defended the senator.

The extremely small percentage of Warren’s DNA loosely tied to Native American genetic material was good enough for Colbert to back her claim of minority heritage, proving President Trump was wrong. Mimicking the Boston Globe article mentioned above, Colbert called President Trump’s speech in Montana challenging Warren to a DNA test a “#MeToo joke into the middle of his racist tirade.” Colbert ended the segment saying, “Well, we don’t have to wait for the president’s DNA; he is 100 percent douche.”

The Colbert segment distributed on YouTube currently has over 1.6 million views.

In contrast, conservatives focused on the results of the DNA test and hammered Warren’s claim of Native America status.

Not only was Warren’s DNA compared to genetic material from Colombia, Mexico, and Peru — not Native American — the small percent of DNA loosely tied to Native Americans is in line with test results from European-Americans.

A statement from the Cherokee Nation saying DNA tests are “useless to determine tribal citizenship” backed criticism of Warren’s claim.

The DNA test results proved Warren a fraud and that President Trump was correct to doubt her Native American ancestry claims. But the left-wing media refuses to accept or acknowledge anything that backs President Trump, so they create an alternative reality that divides Americans.

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