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The Boy Scouts, Harvey Weinstein, and the road to hell

Conservative Review

You would think an organization historically known for assisting boys on their journey toward virtuous and self-reliant manhood would see a prime opportunity to fill the gaping breach of chivalry left behind by Harvey Weinstein’s lechery.


Hard pass, say the (formerly known as) Boy Scouts of America, who have now followed up the concessions they already made to the Rainbow Jihad in recent years by allowing girls to join them as scouts. Time to sew another progressive merit badge on your gender-neutral uniforms.

If you are keeping score at home, those badges also include such implosions of masculine duty and honor in the culture as allowing women to fight in front-line military combat, stealing Woman of the Year honors and bathroom sanity with “truth” such as Bruce Jenner’s, and letting a cop-hating, knee-taking mediocrity of a quarterback turn the NFL into a tragi-comic Oprah show.

But Steve, you might say, wouldn’t the Boy Scouts claim they are heading down this gender-blurring road exactly because they respect women as equals and want to improve relations between men and women? To which I would respond that, yes, they probably do think that. But then I would tell them how brilliantly they are paving the road to hell with those good intentions.

That’s because men and women, no matter how much we wish-cast on the matter, simply aren’t the same. And the more we pretend that they are by eliminating classic distinctions and obligations, the more glaring the confusion and discord between them — and the worse things get for women, which is why the (actual) Girl Scouts are not happy campers right now.

So, no, the Boy Scouts aren’t being anything like chivalrous here. This is just more of your standard-issue willing destruction of the sons of Adam. Which also means that no matter how many shouts of feminism are heard or how many girl-power statues are built, the daughters of Eve will also plummet into oblivion due to the total lack of understanding of the complementarity of the sexes.

Women simply can’t be better in the absence of better men, and vice versa. It is one of the fundamental laws of the universe, as espoused from the beginning in Genesis and ratified in full by Jesus Christ. We desperately need each other in a way that a neutered society can never escape.

My job as a man is to view women as equal in dignity to me, but not to absolve myself of my duties as provider and protector for them. This is why the time both boys and men spend among only their own sex is invaluable if properly embraced.

We go out and we compete, contemplate, and communicate uniquely among ourselves as a rite of passage, one that separates the wheat from the chaff and makes us worthy of the sort of companionship with the opposite sex that is a primary weapon against human brokenness.

Or we can triangulate our various worldly motivations into the kinds of excuses and rationalizations that create Weinstein-esque time bombs and no shortage of accomplices to perpetuate such a meat market year after year after year. Either the self-reliance long taught by the Boy Scouts can be the antidote to that — or it won’t.

Because if you ask us not to be exceptional — to be gender-neutral — we will be nothing. And probably worse than nothing.

This I promise. I know progressives like to laugh at the slippery-slope arguments conservatives make on this issue, but they laugh only to disguise their loathing. For every slippery-slope argument we have ever made about progressivism’s new non-morality has come true.




So either progressivism is dumb, or flushing America’s Judeo-Christian culture straight down the slippery slope has been its plan all along.

Progressives want boys to be merely boys who shave — forever. Or girls, or whatever else they wish to become — except for men. For true masculinity — meek, courageous, and willing to protect and defend — is one of the antidotes to progressivism’s poisonous venom. Without true masculinity, a culture is vulnerable.

And no one is more vulnerable within that culture than its women. Like in Harvey Weinstein’s progressive Hollywood, where, despite all the feminist rhetoric, women were hunted for decades by a predator who was feted by pretty boys — instead of fought by real men.

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