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The dark arts of the press are on full display

Conservative Review

How remarkable that the same press that obsessed Donald Trump straight into the White House has doubled down once he was there, to the point that the former editor of the New York Times called them out on it a few days ago. And it's now going full Voldemort — “he who shall not be named” — when it comes to Trump’s Oval Office speech to the country.

And when I say remarkable, I mean totally predictable. Because journalism is magical and not at all broken.

Don Lemon at CNN. Mika at MSNBC. Don’t even run the president’s speech on our networks, they say. Or at the very least delay it so that we can get our, ahem, “fact-checking” underway. So much is at stake, they say.

For example, says Lemon, “people will believe [Trump].” And that. Can’t. Happen.

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