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The Democrats’ midterm motto seems to be 'the beatings will continue until morale improves'

Conservative Review

The Democrats’ midterm motto seems to be: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

Last week, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder suggested that being uncivil and even inflicting violence upon those with whom they disagree is the Democrats’ way forward. This is nothing new.

In total embrace of their inner totalitarian, the Democrat Party leadership has entered the final stages of the logical end to their political game. And just like their economic, social, and foreign policies, the final stage is violence against humanity.

The democratic socialists have called for extreme confiscation of wealth in order to create government programs to shift the economic power away from those who earn money toward those who do not. This leads to anger and resentment in those who produce toward those who do not and eventually to a refusal by the best of the best to play along. The refusal to comply leads to a crippling of the economy, which leads to unrest, which leads to the perfect opportunity for a dictator to take control.

Just this week, the results of President Trump’s tax cuts and lift of Obama’s grossly irresponsible regulatory restrictions and have been made clear. People are buying things again because economic optimism is on the rise. You don’t have that with totalitarian regimes. In fact, one of the key reasons we had such an economic downturn during the Obama presidency was because he told us in word and action that we were no longer going to be a prosperous nation. Obama told us we were going to have to pay out our wealth — that though we are an industrious people, we didn’t deserve to reap the rewards of our efforts. We were supposed to give away our wealth to appease the rest of the world, especially those who were hostile toward us.

The foreign policy of the democratic socialists was displayed in the Obama era. Appeasement of dictators, wholesale abuse of our traditional foreign policy, and high regard for the enemies of our Judeo-Christian civilization — we probably will never know to what extent that the Obama administration sold this nation’s values and paid off its enemies. Any president was going to have a very tough go of it after what the Obama regime put in place.

The democratic socialists have turned education on its head and have rejected the science of biology and accepted the phony-baloney gender-bender agenda. Critics of which have been forced to sit on the sidelines of academia, and all references to God have been expunged from mainstream education in America. Their priorities of exalting certain minorities and women have led to severe resentment in white men in America who have been unfailingly preached to about their privilege and skin color since birth.

College students, emboldened by their extreme narcissism, shut down free speech, screaming epithets and bruising eardrums, provoking people who would otherwise be peaceful. This is the spiral of the totalitarian mindset. In a fake play for victimization, they are trained to provoke and sabotage in order to produce the result of pushing people to their limits.

The democratic socialists provoke, sow discontent, rub raw the resentment and differences between us, embrace dictators, pick the wrong side of everything, exalt the crooked, and kill the innocent, and yet we are to believe that the people who voted against their eight years of downward spiral are the problem?

Every policy coming from the Left increases the likelihood of totalitarianism. Individuals tend to resent that, because we know we are supposed to be free: free to think the way we do, free to act within the law, free to enter into contracts, free to eat lunch without being accosted, free — because we’re Americans.

The path of the democratic socialists is one of violence, and there are no two ways about it. That’s why they are not embarrassed and will not pull away from their violent talk and action. If they somehow win in November based upon their actions on display for all to see, they will think violence is the way forward. If they lose in November, they will think violence is the way forward. They will not learn a lesson. They have only one song and know only one dance. There is no compromise with these people, and there should be no appeasement of them either.

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