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Case closed: Courts lack jurisdiction over Trump’s immigration EO

Conservative Review

Irrespective of how the Ninth Circuit rules in the case against President Trump’s immigration order, our sovereignty is gone. Overnight, our most sacred values, laws, and traditions related to national sovereignty have been stolen by the courts. In the ultimate display of what Justice Scalia dubbed “social transformation without representation,” the unelected courts are creating an affirmative right to immigrate, particularly for those who believe in Sharia law.

Even the “better judges” and “conservative” commentators — and even the Trump DOJ lawyers — have essentially conceded the Left’s default position  that all 7.2 billion people have the potential right to immigrate based on 1st and 14th Amendment claims. The one check on that “right” is whether the government can demonstrate with tangible evidence (other than pure common sense) that the person or group of people pose a threat to the country. The only disagreement seems to be over the nature and severity of the specific threat and whether that justifies the president’s order. This prevailing thought in the legal community cannot be further divorced from our true default history and laws on sovereignty.

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