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The GOP's 'thousand-year reich': MSNBC is a complete clown show, and this clip proves it

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There have been some insane leftist reactions to Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, from wailing and gnashing of teeth to literally clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court, but this MSNBC clip from Monday ranks among the most absurd.

On a panel discussing Kavanaugh's confirmation, Above the Law editor Elie Mystal suggested that Republicans have set themselves up for "a thousand-year reich" — a reference to Adolf Hitler's aspirations for Germany's world domination.

Mystal called President Donald Trump a "devil" who "backs up his bargain" with conservative voters.

“The thing about making a deal with the devil is that the devil backs up his bargain. All right? The devil does not welch,” Mystal said. Caleb Howe points out for Mediaite that that is not correct. The devil does back out of his bargains.

“Trump has delivered for these people on the things that they care about most,” Mystal continued. "He has delivered racism for these people. He has delivered misogyny for these people, and now he’s delivered the Supreme Court for these people, which is something that they’ve been trying to get for a generation.”

He predicted that because Republicans are getting what they want from Trump, GOP enthusiasm should remain high for the midterm elections in November. Then he put the onus on Democrats to turn out and stop the Republican "reign."

“We’re going to see if this reign that they now have control over all three branches of government, we’re going to see if this reign lasts for thirty days, or two years, or a thousand-year Reich,” Mystal said. “Because that is how, that is what these people have set themselves up for. And it’s simply a question of whether or not the Democrats are going to join the battle and meet them at the polls.”

So Trump is the "devil," his supporters voted for and are are getting "racism" from his administration, and the Republican Party is a Nazi regime attempting to rule for one thousand years, according to this clown.

What are conservatives supposed to do with an opposition that is this delusional?

Oh, wait. That's easy.

Beat them.

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