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The most forgotten man in the immigration debate

Conservative Review

“We need to do something on immigration.”

If a penny went to the Treasury every time this phrase has been uttered (in hushed tones in GOP briefings with their consultants), our more than $18 trillion national debt would be paid off. 

Just today U.S. News reports that Republicans are looking for numerous paths to enact elitist/corporatist immigration preferences.  Of course, all to be preceded by a superficial “border security” bill with vague language that fails to address the true sources of the illegal immigration problem.  Concurrently, they plan “to sidestep the thorny issue[s].” 

What is completely lost throughout this entire debate are the needs and demands of the forgotten men – the American taxpayer and worker who must bear the brunt of appalling crime, schools overrun with illegal aliens who can’t speak English, hospitals flooded with the massive unfunded liability of caring for their primary care needs, and with the gargantuan wealth transfer in the form of welfare and refundable tax credits.  

Yes, indeed, “we need to do something about immigration,” but that something is the focus of those people for whom Congress swore an oath to protect and defend – the people subject to the jurisdiction of this country and its constitution, not illegal immigrants. That something includes what the Washington “elite” refer to as “thorny issues,” but the American public regard as common sense, justice and fairness.

There is no emergency to “deal” with those who broke our laws or who would otherwise be ineligible for admission under our public charge law – a provision that unfortunately is never enforced [Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)].  But there is an emergency and an obligation for Congress to immediately deal with the following issues:

Violent Crime

There are now 900,000 illegal aliens who have been ordered to leave the country by the courts, yet the Administration is refusing to lift a finger. Of those ordered to be deported, 167,000 are criminal aliens, the very type Obama said he would prioritize for deportation. After releasing 36,000 criminal aliens in FY 2013, the Administration has let go another 30,558 this past fiscal year.  As Jessica Vaughn noted, these criminals racked up “convictions on 79,059 crimes, including 175 homicides, 373 sexual assaults, 186 kidnappings, and 14,014 impaired driving offenses.”  According to data from the House Judiciary Committee, 3,100 are deemed “Threat Level 1” criminals.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution has published a riveting expose on the extent and danger of these criminal aliens released into our communities throughout the country. 

In addition to those let out of jail, DHS has refused to track the countless thousands who were immediately let go upon apprehension as a result of faux prosecutorial discretion.  Couple this with the ridiculously lax screening of DACA recipients – 94% of all applications have been approved, despite a number of them turning out to be criminals – and we have an unprecedented national security gap.  As the threat of Islamic terror continues to rise, there is no greater more imminent emergency for Congress to contend with.  

Where is the solemn sense of urgency from the GOP Congress to “do something on immigration” as it relates to Obama’s release of dangerous criminals?  Who is going to stand for people like police officer Brandon Mendoza murdered in the prime of his life by an illegal alien drunk driver?  Who will stand for those raped and murdered by illegal aliens

Protecting the States

The courts are dismantling any ability of beleaguered states to deal with the crime and fiscal burden of illegal immigration.  The Ninth Circuit just denied the citizens of Arizona the right to block bail for illegal aliens, most of who never show up to their trials and disappear onto the streets.  Where is the eagerness to pass legislation immediately deputizing the states to enforce federal immigration laws?  This is a lot more effective and important, than vacuous and unaccountable, promises of “border security.”

The Crushing Fiscal Burden

The IRS Commissioner is now admitting that amnestied aliens will receive huge windfalls from refundable tax credits.  Remember, even though the court blocked Obama’s recent amnesty, the DACA program has already legalized 664,607 illegal immigrants.  They have all received Social Security cards and are eligible for refundable tax credits.  Additionally, it is now clear that almost all illegal aliens are eligible for Obamacare subsidies.  Also, the continuous flood of illegal immigrants (something no court can enjoin) has burdened the school systems with a record number of children who can’t speak English.  

Who will stand for the forgotten man and woman – the true “undocumented American” – the families of hard working native taxpayers and legal immigrants who are completely undocumented and unrepresented in this debate?  They lack the powerful lobbies, legal defense groups, and foreign special interests promoting the “Dreamers.”  Who will protect their communities and their slice of the America Dream?

Indeed, there is no greater responsibility of elected officials; no greater emergency than the need to “do something about immigration,” for immigration stands at the nexus of national security, criminal justice, education, health care, welfare, and American culture.  Sadly, the elite politicians only plan to do something as it relates to filling their campaign coffers…the needs of their true constituents be damned.    

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