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The Republican Party won’t even lie to us any more

Conservative Review

There are moments, sometimes subtle and sometimes symbolic, when it becomes clear that a human endeavor has forsaken its original reason for being — and therefore, may no longer deserve to live.

The Republican Party may just have crossed such an unfortunate threshold.

In its latest — and widely panned — attempt at "tax reform" and the so-called "largest tax cut in history" (which it isn't), the allegedly pro-family party is eliminating the adoption tax credit. That wouldn't be an issue if it was done as part of a sweeping reform package like a flat tax, which would benefit all families — including those who wish to adopt — all the more. However, this ho-hum plan is anything but that.

At the same time, the Republican Party continues to fully fund Planned Parenthood — an organization that has profited from murdering children for decades and was recently discovered also to be making money off the macabre practice of selling the remains of those dead children as spare parts.

This goes beyond political compromise or even selling out. This is soulless.

Let's face it, many of those still voting Republican are only doing so in reaction to how far Left the Democratic Party has gone. While that's understandable, and even morally defendable, it also sends the Republican Party a clear message. The GOP doesn't really have to do or be anything other than "not those guys." There is no standard the Republican Party must uphold on its own, because its success is merely a negative reaction to the pagan-progressive standard perpetuated by Democrats.

This is how the so-called "lesser of two evils" devolves into the evils of two lessors.

Republicans currently hold more public offices nationwide than they have since before the Great Depression. And yet there's basically nothing to show for it in most of the country, when it comes to undoing the damage the Left has done to American Exceptionalism in this generation. It’s one thing not to do anything good. It's entirely another to do what is bad. And if killing incentives to adopt children, while handing hundreds of millions to those who kill children, isn't bad, then bad doesn't exist any more.

Or we've decided it's only bad when Democrats do it.

But that’s OK. I’m sure the orphans who won't find a home if this goes through, and all the dead babies killed by the heavily subsidized Planned Parenthood, won't mind as much if it's the Republicans casting them aside instead of the Democrats. It won't hurt nearly as much for the child to have its brains sucked out by Planned Parenthood when Republicans are writing the check. Nor will the feeling of being without a family be nearly so desolate for the orphan, who will just throw an extra blanked on the bed and remember that it only sucks when the Democrats don't care.

Just like how our still-soaring Obamacare premiums don't seem so expensive when the Republicans are in charge, right?

Kindly take your "big tent" and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

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