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The silent back-door amnesty nobody is talking about

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Last week, President Trump lent his support to a game-changing immigration reform bill, one that would restore many of our historic values and traditions on immigration and place the interests of the citizenry first. However, given that the GOP is an open-borders party, it will be tough mustering the votes for it to pass the House, much less the Senate. That is why it is even more important for the president to end Obama’s executive amnesty, which would require the vote of only one man — Trump himself. More importantly, he is required to do so by the Constitution. The president won’t be judged by what is beyond his power but by what is solely under his authority. This is true now more than ever, with signs that the base is softening their support for the president.

Committing the crimes American’s won’t commit

Granting unilateral amnesty and Social Security cards to even peaceful illegal aliens is unconstitutional. And it is now clear that many of these “dreamers” weren’t vetted properly. New documents obtained by IRLI by FOIA request demonstrate how the Obama administration cut corners on its own criteria to get as many people signed up as possible. The Trump administration had to revoke the status of 1,500 criminals or gang members. But how many more have we missed? Remember, most of the young illegals have no criminal record until they strike for the first time, especially given that Obama openly afforded each applicant a chance at amnesty even with two misdemeanor charges. And we now know that 30 percent of the “dreamers” crossing the border from Central America have ties to gangs.

Sadly, we already know one who slipped through the “vetting.” Last week it was reported that on June 25, Salvador Diaz-Garcia, an illegal alien who was granted amnesty, allegedly raped a 19-year-old young woman in Seattle and brutally broke almost every bone in her face. On the same day, he allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl. Garcia just had his DACA status renewed on January 31.

Thank you, President Trump, for your amnesty.

Yes, after Garcia was arrested for the heinous crime, his DACA status is being revoked, but what happened to the dreams of this young woman? And it will still probably take forever to get this fiend deported, thanks to our corrupt legal system.

Trump’s promise of dream amnesty reigniting border surge

As I noted in June, Trump has renewed or newly issued 125,000 DACA cards during the second quarter of this fiscal year, more than Obama did during the last quarter of his presidency. Trump could end this illegal program simply by passively refusing to renew them. Most of the renewals are due this year because the program began in 2013 and is renewable every two years. Simply declining to renew the permits was Marco Rubio’s position, yet Trump won’t even hold that ground.

As many of us warned, Trump’s obsession with “dream” amnesty has already countermanded his greatest policy success — the precipitous drop in border crossings due to his strong campaign rhetoric. Now, word is clearly getting out that he is a paper tiger, because the number of illegals is climbing again, even though it always decreases during the brutally hot summer months. As I reported last month, the number of border arrests rose by 11 percent in June (despite the hot weather), the number of unaccompanied minors rose by 31 percent, and the number of family units apprehended spiked by 48 percent from the previous month. Well, arrests of illegals once again rose by 13.5 percent in July. Arrests of unaccompanied children below 17 rose 27.8 percent, while apprehensions of family units rose 46.2 percent, according to Customs and Border Patrol.

Thus, we are seeing a trend. Clearly, as I demonstrated in my July 12 column, the message that children will continue to secure immediate amnesty is encouraging a number of family units to cross over. And despite the lie of the Obama administration that the surge in illegal migration from Central America was the result of violence, a new survey shows that just one percent of Guatemalan migrants flee because of the violence, while 91 percent come for jobs. They are using the promise of “dream” amnesty as their political shield while fleecing the American taxpayer and worker.

This all goes to show how ridiculous it is to continue illegally giving them work permits. Even more disturbing, according to new data released by DHS, the Trump administration has continued issuing Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) to a number of categories of illegals and quasi-illegal immigrants where the statute gives discretion to deny them. Whether they are asylum seekers or other visa holders who typically cannot work legally here, Obama has created what CIS’ David North refers to as half-amnestied status, whereby as many as four million people are allowed to work here and will likely find back-door paths to full amnesty.

It’s more than just DACA

This chart shows the following data.

If you look at most of the categories for the first nine months of FY 2017, we have either outpaced FY 2016 or are likely to do so by the end of the fiscal year. We most certainly have outpaced the levels of EAD issuances to many of these categories that existed prior to the great amnesty surge in 2014.

This chart shows the numbers that follow.

For example, the number of work permits for FY 2017 granted to (c)(8) asylum seekers is a whopping 277,000, already surpassing the entirety of FY 2016 and dwarfing the 50,000-60,000 level of just a few years ago. This is the silent back-door amnesty nobody is talking about, and as indicated by the classification, the EADs for asylum seekers are discretionary, not mandated by statute. Trump promised to end catch-and-release and the abuse of the asylum program, yet the surge has continued unabated. To be fair, the first quarter of FY 2017 is still from the Obama regime, so we don’t have exact numbers from Trump’s tenure, but the trend is not promising. Not only has he continued DACA, he has continued Obama’s other back-door amnesty programs. They should all be halted immediately.

Worse, the Trump administration appears to be continuing super DACA, which is a back door to illegal aliens becoming citizens. Take a look at the (c)(9)(P) status, which grants work permits to those DACA recipients who travel back home and then are allowed to re-enter, reclaim their status, get a work permit, and then cleanse their previous illegal status, thereby clearing them for a green card. Obama handed out this path to citizenship to roughly 170,000-250,000 every year, and we are now on pace to match that trend under Trump! We are often told that these “dreamers” know no other country but America, yet somehow, they find their country of origin in order to scam us into re-admitting them for green cards.

In addition to the security problems, states and private citizens are now incurring legal troubles because of DACA. The courts have completely taken over immigration, and they are now treating DACA as if it is a statute. Just recently, a judge in California indicated that she would force Wells Fargo to issue illegals bank loans! Previously, courts have restored DACA status for criminals and have strong-armed states into granting them driver’s licenses.

Mr. President, how can you go after sanctuary cities when you are turning us into a sanctuary nation? You’ve been in office for half a year. It’s become clear that failure to terminate DACA will have far-ranging consequences for the states and the citizenry and present them with a nightmare of judicial lawfare. At this point, failure to terminate this illegal program, something that can be accomplished by mere passivity, will rank together with Obamacare as the most colossal campaign betrayal in recent memory. Except, in this case, it’s not the fault of the Senate — it’s yours.

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