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Transgendering reality

Conservative Review

Jesus wept. —John 11:35

I wept too after hearing two different news reports out of California during the last week. One involves a new law that could punish health care workers with fines, or even jail time, if they don’t refer to patients by their preferred name or gender pronoun. The other involves lessening the crime of knowingly exposing someone to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor.

That’s your California state legislature hard at work. Never mind the red ink, confiscatory taxation, and stagnant business climate. We’ve got reality to bend, science to deny, and an incurable deadly disease to spread!

And now, finally, here we are. The ghastly full Monty of humanistic self-actualization, with all the safe-space hypocrisy you’ve come to expect from a progressive road trip to nowhere. According to the California legislature’s latest addendum to that code of corruption, I invade your safe space — and thus commit a crime — when I acknowledge too much science by affirming you were born into one of two static categories, either male or female.

If you aren’t a girl, that’s right, you’re a dude. It isn’t a choice at all. It’s life. A life that I am now obligated to ignore by force of law, so that self-actualizers can live in their flat-earth society while condemning us to the back of their drunken tour bus.

Progressivism has slowly but surely built up the psychological framework where “two legs good, four legs bad” is the currency of the land.

Because all those safe spaces eventually instill enough legitimacy into the rantings of the class protected by them that their actions or assertions are no longer vetted on any consequential level whatsoever. They are simply rubber-stamped with moral gravitas as the new self-evident truth. It’s victimhood Valhalla.

And that’s a dangerous place we’ve seen more than a few times in recent years, where groups like Antifa and BLM can justify using violence because of the toxic nature of their foe. Bigots, bigots everywhere! And it has gotten us to the place where the precursor virus to deadly AIDS can be winked at, with about the same level of logic and concern for justice as calling a deadly car crash caused by a drunken driver a jay-walking violation.

This is the transgendering of the virus itself, from a deadly contagion to a youthful indiscretion, based on nothing more than wanting to believe the mess you created really isn’t that bad. Instead of cleaning your room, you pile the mess under your bed and pretend it never happened. It is the serpent’s whisper in the garden. It is a lie through and through.

But this is exactly what you can expect more of as we continue to affirm a class of perpetually aggrieved, prideful whiners as a protected identity class. Then they will lash out at those of us who humbly submit ourselves to the laws of nature and nature’s God in increasingly vile ways, because that’s what power without principle always does.

You will affirm their nonsense, or you will be made to care.

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