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Trump criticized after Georgia teacher taken into custody following school shooting

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Police in Georgia have responded to a reported school shooting at Dalton High School Wednesday.

A teacher who was barricaded inside a classroom is now in custody, police say. No children were harmed, and the school has been evacuated.

This is a developing story. We do not have the facts. We do not know what happened. Police are still investigating.

Yet without the facts, individuals on social media are using the shooting to criticize President Donald Trump's proposal to permit armed teachers or faculty in schools.

This is a developing story.


Dalton Police officials held a briefing to update the press. The teacher, identified as 53-year-old Randal Davidson, surrendered to police. He had locked himself into his classroom, allowing nobody in, and fired a shot from a handgun through an exterior window of the classroom when the principal attempted to enter the room. The spokesman said that it "did not appear that it was aimed at anybody."

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