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The Trump tax cuts are ALREADY raising wages

Conservative Review

President Trump hasn't even signed the Republican tax cut package into law yet, and already American companies are beginning to reinvest their savings to make a stronger American economy.

A handful of companies are announcing new tax cut bonuses and wage increases for their employees, exactly as Republicans predicted would happen if business taxes were lowered.

AT&T was the first company to declare plans to invest $1 billion in capital into the U.S. economy and provide a $1,000 bonus to more than 200,000 of its U.S. employees.

A similar announcement was made by Fifth Third Bancorp, which will be raising its minimum wage for all employees to the Left's coveted $15 an hour "living wage."

Ditto Wells Fargo, which will try to donate $400 million to charity next year because of the tax bill.

And Boeing has announced $300 million in "employee-related and charitable investments to spur innovation and growth."

So much for all those greedy CEOs the Left warned us about hogging all their tax cuts for themselves. It hasn't even been a day since Congress passed tax reform, and Americans are seeing higher wages and more capital investment to grow the economy.

This is what making America great again looks like.

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