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Trump was RIGHT: Anti-Kavanaugh protester IS paid by Soros-funded group. Saying so is NOT anti-Semitic

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The hysteria continues …

No. It’s not … The competition for most ridiculous take on the Kavanaugh saga is huge. Here’s why New York Times op-ed columnist David Leonhardt just earned a nomination for the award. He called exposing the astroturf protests against Kavanaugh and GOP senators “anti-Semitic.”

On Friday, Maria Bartiromo asked Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, “Do you believe George Soros is behind all of this? Paying these people to get you and your colleagues in elevators?” Grassley answered, “I have heard so many people believe that. I tend to believe it.” Later in the day, Trump tweeted the accusation.

Then Leonhardt jumped in by tweet, “Let's be clear here: Charles Grassley is a United States Senator. He is responsible for his words. And his words here amount to an anti-Semitic smear.”

Say what? Just because George Soros is Jewish doesn’t mean that this is an “anti-Semitic smear.” Maybe Leonhardt missed the CNN report from yesterday where Joe Johns reported, “They are brought here by an umbrella group or number of umbrella groups and come from all sorts of different progressive and liberal causes.”

The New York Times claims that Trump made the claim “without evidence.” The paper used as its evidence the following paragraph.

One of the women who confronted Mr. Flake, Ana Maria Archila, the executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, a New York-based liberal organizing group, said she had not been paid.

Let’s unpack that. The woman they say claims she wasn’t paid is the PAID executive director of an organizing group. It’s literally her job to organize these types of protests. Archila’s compensation in 2015, according to the organization’s IRS form 990 was $150,221.

Oh, and according to Fox News, her organization regularly receives grants from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Forbes reported in this week’s annual Forbes 400 that Soros transferred $18 billion to this foundation over the past year.

The Times has updated its reporting and changed the title, all without an editor’s note. The paper now reports that Archila is paid by a Soros-funded group but says she wasn’t paid expressly to be there. That’s insane.

Sorry, New York Times, but Trump was actually correct, as was Grassley. And furthermore, Trump doesn’t have to footnote every tweet. The original title of the Times piece included “without evidence.” When the evidence materialized, the Times changed its title, but not its narrative. That’s a textbook example of fake news.

Just ‘politics’ … Wednesday on CNN, former Obama administration appointee and current CNN anchor Jim Sciutto said that alleging someone is a gang-rapist is just “politics.” Here, watch.

How diseased does your brain have to be to even think that statement is in any way OK?

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