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U.S. 'ally' Qatar appears to be dangling information about Trump associates

Conservative Review

After being accused of hacking Republican officials connected to President Trump, it now appears that the rogue state of Qatar has taken to blackmailing top associates of the commander-in-chief through the media.

On Monday, NBC News reported that the regime that rules Qatar claims to have damaging information about associates of President Trump and their connections Doha’s rival state, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The report adds that the Qataris have long contemplated delivering dirt on Trump associates — such as Jared Kushner — to special counsel Robert Mueller. NBC’s sources, unspecified Qatari associates, told NBC that they have not sent the information to the Mueller team. However, the story raised the possibility that Qatar is instead seeking to chip away at the president’s legitimacy through the media. The report claims it’s “unknown” whether Qatar is the source of media leaks to the New York Times and CNN — which appear calculated to damage the president and empower the Mueller team.

The NBC report claims that Qatar has information that President Trump’s position on Qatar was influenced by Kushner’s previous business dealings with its rivals. The piece overlooks the fact that conservatives have united behind the president’s requests of Qatar. As many of its Gulf neighbors are taking an active role in countering jihadist terrorism, while continuing efforts to reform and modernize, Qatar remains intent upon allying with state sponsors of terror and terrorist groups.

Qatar has decided against cooperating with Mueller “for now,” the report adds, which makes it seem like Doha is hanging the information over Trump officials’ heads as a means of potential future blackmail.

Shadowy operatives seemingly connected to Qatar continue to put forward allegations in media reports that implicate Trump associates on a variety of unproven charges.

Last week, the New York Times revealed that special counsel Mueller was investigating a controversial lobbyist for the UAE, along with his ties to the Trump administration. At the same time, the paper admitted that it got its research from “someone critical of the Emirati (UAE) influence in Washington.” There is a high likelihood that the “critical” person may be a lobbyist for the regime in Qatar, given the fact that Qatar is the UAE’s chief rival in the Gulf.

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