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Uh, oh: Poll shows voters want Speaker Pelosi back in charge

Conservative Review

As Republican senators try to correct course on health care reform, a new poll should remind the GOP of the stakes in failing to keep its promises.

At this point, registered voters would rather see the Democrats back in charge of Congress.

Asked about the 2018 midterms, 52 percent of registered voters polled say they favor Democratic control of Congress, while just 38 percent say Republicans should stay in power, according to the new Washington Post – ABC News poll.

President Trump plays less of a factor in the minds of voters than members of the mainstream media might assume.

A majority of respondents – 51 percent – say that supporting or opposing President Trump will not be a factor in how they vote in 2018. It’s the members of Congress themselves, not the president, who are responsible for what happens to them on Election Day.

What is clear is that if Republicans continue to fumble on Obamacare repeal, on tax reform, and on crafting a budget that shrinks the size of government, American voters will see no reason to keep electing Democrat-lite to office instead of the real thing.

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