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Video: People pack freeway overpasses to honor fallen hero Sgt. Ron Helus

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Residents of Thousand Oaks, California, gathered on overpasses over U.S. Route 101 to pay their respects to Sgt. Ron Helus, the 29-year police veteran and hero who was killed in the line of duty.

Sgt. Helus was a first responder to the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill, in which at least 13 people were killed including the gunman. Helus was shot several times after he entered the building to confront and stop the gunman. He died from his wounds in the hospital Thursday morning.

Josh Haskell, a reporter for ABC7, posted photos and video of members of the Thousand Oaks community gathered along highway overpasses to honor the fallen hero as a procession carrying his body from the hospital to a coroner's office passed below.

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