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Vote Alert: Pass a $19 billion spending bill without funding for the border crisis

Conservative Review

This vote was to pass a $19 billion disaster aid bill, including a bailout for Puerto Rico, without appropriating funds to address the border crisis.

The national debt is over $22 trillion and rising. Recognizing this fact, President Trump proposed a budget to Congress that called for lower levels of spending. Also acknowledging that there is an unprecedented humanitarian and national security crisis at the country’s southern border, the White House requested an additional $4.3 billion from Congress to make the border safe and save lives. Congress ignored these requests.

Despite passing $117.5 billion in disaster spending in 2017, and after already bailing out Puerto Rico once, Democrats demanded even more pork spending and a new bailout, and Republicans in Congress agreed. This new spending comes as the relevant federal agencies and departments funded under this  bill have record high budgets. Spending is now 13.7 percent higher than under President Obama’s final year in office. Under the guise of “disaster relief,” this bill spends money on the wasteful Community Development Block Grant program, a program President Trump previously asked Congress to eliminate. The bill also throws another $3 billion in handouts to farmers after Congress passed a $900 billion farm bill last December. There are no reforms for long-term spending in the legislative text of this fiscally irresponsible disaster of a bill.

The Senate voted to pass the disaster bill on May 23, 2019, at 4:15 p.m. in a roll call vote of 85 – 8.

The House of Representatives agreed to the Senate version of the bill on June 3, 2019, at 7:01 p.m. in a roll call vote of 354 – 85.

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