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Vote Alert: Pass a trillion-dollar crony capitalist farm bill

Conservative Review

Thanks to a small band of conservatives in the House of Representatives, the Republican majority in Congress was stopped from passing the farm bill, another massive piece of promise-breaking legislation.

When Republicans gained control of Congress in 2014, they promised to fix many of the problems that plagued the 2014 version of this monstrous conglomeration of the nation’s food stamp program and several crony capitalist agriculture subsidies. Four years later, with a Republican president, the House of Representatives moved to consider a new, nearly 700-page farm bill that kept in place the old bill’s problems and increased spending while they were at it.

The bill is chock-full of government handouts, bailouts, subsidies, and regulations that favor big agribusiness in America at the expense of the taxpayer. This bill touches every sector of the American economy, from commodities, subsidies for high-speed internet, and price controls on sugar and milk to tariffs and food stamps, creating market distortions and spending taxpayer dollars like drunken leftists. Yet so-called “free market” Republicans would have left these most of these programs in place or even expanded them in this bill.

One key promise Republicans made when they only controlled the House was to separate food stamps from agriculture programs and create two bills. This wasn’t even up for discussion. Supporters of the farm bill will claim that the House GOP successfully added work requirements to the food stamp program, but the requirements are too weak to be effective. There are exemptions for many individuals, and states would have additional flexibility to exempt other beneficiaries. Counterproductively, the bureaucracy required to implement these work requirement changes would negate the savings to the government from getting people off food stamps.

And what is the cost of these broken promises? Nearly $1 trillion.

The House of Representatives voted to reject the farm bill on May 18, 2018, at 12:03 p.m. in a roll call vote of 198 — 213.

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