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Whoever is dumbest last will lose in November

Conservative Review

It was about a month ago that my good buddy and chief prophet of woe and lamentation, Conservative Review’s own Daniel Horowitz, was predicting that Republicans could lose more than 70 seats in the midterm elections.

Not prone to hyperbole, Horowitz is as data-driven and fact-based a man as I know. And based on the news cycle at that time, I agreed with him. Besides, the GOP was simply showing no signs of actually wanting to win.

No way could they hold both houses of Congress, and they might even lose both, I said. But the schizophrenia of this political climate has once again slapped me in the face and leads me now to a different conclusion, one adroitly expressed by my show’s editor, Todd Erzen, in this slogan:

Whoever is dumbest last loses.

Because for the last month, the Left has relentlessly run on a platform dependent on 40-year-old porn stars, maybe/maybe not Mueller leaks, a greater affinity for Iran than for the Constitution, and Nancy Pelosi flat-out admitting like a boss that she’s going to tax the hell out of you if she gets ahold of the speaker’s gavel again.

So you’re saying there’s a chance.

Please don’t confuse anything I’m saying with optimism, though. This isn’t me rooting for the Republican Party. Remember, I left the Republican Party because it was clear that not only does it have no real plans to root for me, but is often in league with the cult of progressivism against all that I hold dear.

I’m just trying to call it like I see it, and the best I’ve got on that front, after many ups and downs, is that anyone who tells you they are certain about what is going to happen at the ballot box this November is throwing darts blindfolded. That isn’t to say they aren’t really good at darts, like Daniel Horowitz, for example, but the uncertain characters of President Trump, the GOP establishment, and progressives in general collectively make for a chaotic blend of nonsense that can’t be tamed by the usual prognostication and forecasting.

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