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Will EVERY government shutdown be blamed on Republicans?

Conservative Review

Articles abound on the question of who will be blamed for a government shutdown. The leftist media is certain it will be blamed on Republicans. There are certain Republicans who believe it will be too.

In the past ten years, every shutdown was averted except one. Not only were the Republicans blamed for that one, but former President Obama made sure the hurt would be helped along with his despicable tactics: closing veteran memorials and printing signage to remind national park tourists that the government was shut down, while his allies in the rabid media reminded everyone it was because of the Republicans. The Republicans, in turn, blamed Ted Cruz.

Cruz’s crime? Alerting the people about what the government was doing to them with the Democrats’ crowning achievement: Obamacare.

Republicans across the spectrum trashed Cruz’s efforts to show how it would be possible to defund Obamacare, had they the will to do so. Not only did the people who vote Republican catch a glimpse of just how traitorous to their own stated positions so many Republicans are, we watched them work with the Democrats to treat Cruz and, by extension, us, so very poorly.

Now, as Republicans find slight majorities under a Republican president, some of them are openly worried that they will once again get the blame for a government shutdown. But is it true? Will every government shutdown always be blamed on the Republicans?

Every year the people are told that there is a budget showdown, and if the Republicans don’t cut off the freedom and liberty wing of their party and become reasonable and nonpartisan, they will cause a government shutdown.

Every year the Republican leadership insists there will be no government shutdown, then turns and throttles the freedom and liberty wing and, by extension, the people who put them there, telling them to shut up and sit down.

Then, every year, certain Republicans give away so much leverage over fear of a government shutdown that now, after about a decade of this, they have played their part in the possible destruction of this nation by way of our $20 trillion in debt.

Where does all the fear come from? From the fake outrage ginned up by the media, of course.

Republican leadership constantly put themselves in a box of media outrage because they lack purposeful messaging, detectable principles, or any real disagreement with the Democrats on a large majority of issues that regular Americans truly find important. And for that, the Republicans will, indeed, always get the blame.

This results in frantic offers by the Republican leadership to find a way to procrastinate or make a deal detrimental to their own party’s stated mission in order to create the illusion that they have averted the very terrible shutdown.

That’s not leadership. That’s simply playing the game the Democrats and media want them to play.

Our debt is astronomical. Our nation is divided. If the Republican leadership had the ability to face the actual crises this nation faces, instead of waiting for an action to react to, they could get out of their box.

If the Republican leadership didn’t use the despicable press to attack their own members and push doubt about their own stated positions, they could get out of their box.

And if the Republican leadership refuse to get out of their box, they must be replaced.

To put it concisely, the reason some Republicans fear a government shutdown is because they don’t actually believe in their own party principles.

To which I say: Throw them out and get us some who do.

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