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Women’s March is a march against women, science, and life itself

Women’s March is a march against women, science, and life itself

Outraged by the inauguration of President-elect Trump, the organizers of what is estimated to be 200,000 “women’s rights are human rights” marchers, have made it clear they stand for the cavalier liquidation of life springing from the wombs of women across the nation.

Masked by the false narrative that women ought to be able to do what they wish with their own bodies, the pro-aborts are blind to the fact that the body growing within a woman’s womb is a completely different body, given life from God above at the moment of conception. The child has a different circulatory system, different blood, and different DNA, making arguments in favor of “women’s reproductive rights” anti-science, not to mention profoundly brutal.

Saline abortions — in which the child can be viewed on an ultrasound thrashing in immense pain as her skin burns — causes no sympathy from the pro-aborts. Nor do suction aspiration abortions induce a heartfelt tear, where the baby can be viewed (again, via ultrasound) trying to move away from the powerful vacuum that rips off her legs and arms before her body and head is crushed.

A D&E abortion is one in which the doctor uses instruments to break bones and tear off the arms and legs of a baby who no doubt is screaming at the obvious pain that would induce at 20 to 32 weeks of age.

No problem, say the pro-aborts, there is an uptick in post-conception pill use, which supposedly kills the child at a much more acceptable phase of life, between five and nine weeks. Only, the pill starves the child to death over a long period of time.

The whitewash of the mass genocide and torture of the unborn in America by pro-abort groups is a stain on this great nation equal to the acceptance and proliferation of slavery. Yet some women continue to refuse to look at what they claim is their right for what it actually means.

Women are not stupid, but the abortion industry in America has made many of them believe these horrific acts are somehow part of their handbook on how to be a woman.

So the women will march on Saturday, Jan 21, funded by Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation. There will be foolish women wearing outfits made to look like their own genitals, and, if the past is any indicator, being generally distasteful, gross, and foul-mouthed. They are getting more and more desperate to “get their message across” because their heyday is waning.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, the number of abortions in America has dropped below one million for the first time since 1975 to 958,700 in 2013 and 926,200 in 2014. Pro-aborts had this happen on their watch, with the most pro-abortion president this nation has ever seen.

They claim the numbers of abortions have dwindled because Republican state legislatures are making access to abortion facilities more difficult. But despite the Institute’s pro-abortion narrative, they did admit there was not a “clear and consistent relationship between state restrictions and changes in state abortion rates,” nor was there a “clear correlation between the number of clinics and abortion rates.”

Which means the pro-life movement is changing hearts and minds, and state legislatures are working to meet the demand of their constituencies who are overwhelmingly pro-life.

There is no doubt the media will cover the “women’s march for death” with the excitement and hype of the Oscars. However, each year the March for Life gets a blip, if anything, on the media’s radar, even though the annual march gathers between 200,000 and 500,000 people.

Saturday’s estimated 200,000 women may seem to be an overwhelming amount of people who agree with pro-aborts, but six days later, the 44th Annual March for Life will bring hundreds of thousands of activists to the Capitol who fight for the right to life for the most defenseless among us, and who have resolved to bring an end to the senseless killing of innocent people.

Someday in this nation, a vast majority of the female population will frown upon abortion, just as the nation turned away from slavery, and do everything they can to educate their daughters that life is precious and that they play the most important role of anyone. They must emphasize that the role of responsibility — motherhood — involves genuine love and care. This is the only way that the sick, twisted, deceitful, and scarring mantras of the pro-aborts can someday become obsolete.

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