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WTF MSM!? About that Constitution

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Really? …

Remember when they said this about Obama? ... At the six-month point, CNN ran a story this morning entitled, “Trump tests the limits of presidential power.” Funny, I don't remember a similar story about the presidency of Barack Obama.

Fox News and the WSJ plagiarizing? … Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel noted that both the WSJ and Fox News failed to credit him for his excellent analysis showing that what people in the media care about and what everyday people care about are vastly different. He got the WSJ to issue a correction and credit him. Hey, Fox News, what gives?

Media colluded with Russia? … A senior Obama administration intelligence professional claims that the media colluded with Russia in the 2016 election. CNN’s Jim Sciutto, himself an Obama administration alum, was incredulous at the claim. Sciutto’s argument was, basically, isn’t collusion willing? The other official said it was either that or you were basically rubes.

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