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WTF MSM!? Antifa Unmasked! Crowder shows you what the media won’t

Conservative Review

Why did the media refuse to cover this …

Crowder goes under cover … Recently CRTV host Steven Crowder and producer Not Gay Jared infiltrated an Antifa group. What they uncovered when Ben Shapiro was scheduled to speak in Utah is shocking. The organizers gave the pair weapons and outlined a conspiracy to lure conservatives to be attacked. CR’s Chris Pandolfo has the whole breakdown.

Media refuses to cover … Crowder told CR that the undercover video resulted in the arrest of Antifa members. When Crowder showed a local reporter the video, and police confirmed it to be true, that reporter didn’t want to cover it. Neither did Dan Harris, the co-host of ABC’s “Nightline,” who was shown the story. Why is the media refusing to cover this story? It’s all on the video.

Hey Antifa! Get off his lawn … Crowder isn’t the only CRTV host who has exposed Antifa. In his debut week on CRTV, Gavin McInnes has released a four-part series unmasking the violent organization. If you’ve not yet watched Get Off My Lawn, take a look at this series.

The media should be covering this … You’ll remember that after Charlottesville, and President Trump saying that there has been violence on “all sides,” the media went into overdrive. After a couple weeks — and reporters getting attacked — they finally started telling the truth. Now that the truth is known — that it is leftists who are the real violent threat — they won’t cover the story and have moved on, or back, as it were, to Russia Russia Russia and other stories.

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