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WTF MSM!? Deranged conspiracy theories

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Head-banging …

Stelter-wars … I really try not to put CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter into every newsletter. But it’s hard not to. Especially when he just goes off-his-rocker crazy, day after day. Yesterday, Stelter’s Trump Derangement Syndrome once again got the better of him. This time, Stelter was pushing the conspiracy theory that Trump was announcing his pick of John Bolton as national security adviser to cover up a CNN interview of a woman claiming to have had an affair with Donald Trump. Memo to Stelter: You should start charging Trump rent, because he’s taking up a lot of space in your head.

Fox to 1600 pipeline? … When he’s not pushing lame-brained conspiracy theories, Stelter is trying to put Turmp’s picks in the worst possible light. For instance, yesterday, after the announcement of Bolton as national security adviser, Stelter tweeted: “The TV to Trump pipeline in action again: a longtime Fox contributor become national security adviser.” No mention of Bolton’s actual credentials.

Stelter responded to a tweet by Conservative Review calling out the omission by saying, “of course i do. Bolton is currently a Fox News contributor, so this is newsworthy.” I’m sure Brian realizes that many former government employees become “contributors” to one news organization or the other. The fact that Bolton appeared on Fox News and was paid for it has nothing to do with his qualifications for the office.

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