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WTF MSM!? Johnny Depp to Dixie Chicks: Hold my beer

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Depp to Dixie Chicks: Hold my beer …

He really said that … While this email usually looks at the news media, film and television are also part of the media, so from time to time I’ll mention a jaw-dropping celebrity action. Today it’s Johnny Depp. The NY Post reported that whilst on stage in the United Kingdom, “Depp asked the crowd how long it has been since ‘an actor assassinated a president.’” Depp later added, “Maybe it’s time.”

MSNBC guest joins in … Not content with merely calling Trump’s kids Uday and Qusay Hussein, a guest on MSNBC went all in and equated Donald Trump with a “suicide bomber.” No, really, Elise Jordan did. Mediaite has the story. The comparison seemed a “little strong” to the MSNBC host.

CNN’s Acosta said what? … CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta whined about the president not holding press briefings. As his defense, he made up a right that exists nowhere in the Constitution. Acosta tweeted, “I'm off today but it must be said that YOUR White House is taking away YOUR right to see and hear YOUR government answer questions today.” Um, no, Jim, there is no such right.

Speaking of the press briefings … CRTV White House correspondent Jon Miller had a great take on the pride of the White House press corps. Watch here.

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