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WTF MSM!? Larry King says the Second Amendment was to stop slave uprisings

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Radio moves …

Imus signs off … Three months shy of a full 50 years in broadcasting, veteran radio host Don Imus signed off for the last time today. I was a salesman in the mid-1990s during the heyday of “Imus in the Morning” and listened to the show every day as I made my rounds. There was and still is nobody on the radio, or television for that matter, who is a better interviewer of political guests. With his disarming style, Imus got people to say things that made news, day after day. I hope Imus enjoys retirement.

Shapiro on the air … With one storied radio career ending today, is another one beginning? Westwood One, which distributes CRTV’s podcasts, has announced that the Ben Shapiro Show podcast will be distributed to radio stations across the country beginning Monday, April 2. Shapiro’s podcast has found a niche with Millennials, many of whom have become conservatives after listening to it. This news means the show will find a broader appeal.

Really? … Speaking of radio legends, octogenarian Larry King is out with the hottest of hot takes on the reason the Second Amendment is in the Constitution. King believes that the right to keep and bear arms should be repealed because it was put in the Constitution to stop slave uprisings. Watch him make the absurd claim here.

The Second Amendment codified a natural right to defend oneself against those who would do you harm. That is true whether the threat is a robber, an assailant, or a tyrannical government. There is no historical basis to King’s idiotic claim.

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