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WTF MSM!? New day, same media bias

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Obsessions …

“Hey, jealousy” … The good folks at Twitchy are right. CNN cheerleader/media critic Brian Stelter is “obsessed with Fox News.” Last week, Stelter expressed some concern over the boycott by advertisers on Laura Ingraham. That didn’t last long. This week, as Twitchy notes, Stelter is still writing stories about the boycott. And those stories don’t mention Media Matters, the Soros-funded website that is the real muscle behind the boycott. Stelter also doesn’t mention the role he and the rest of CNN played in giving David Hogg, the parkland student activist, an outsized voice that he then used in conjunction with the Soros-funded group to lead the boycott.

Rural voters are rubes … The mainstream media hacks not only don’t understand flyover country, but they think flyover country is populated with backward hicks and rubes. Here’s a Politico story that helps prove the point. Politico says places where there isn’t a strong local newspaper – rural America – voted more for Donald Trump than for Mitt Romney, vs. those places that had a strong newspaper.

Politico’s take on this phenomena can be boiled down to this: since there was no local media to tell people the “facts” about Trump, these local yokels believed what they wanted and saw on the internet. It can’t be that Trump actually appealed to these voters, right?  Give me a break.

Shadow-banned … A conservative editor at Independent Journal Review thought it was odd that people were saying they weren’t seeing his tweets and that his replies weren’t showing up in the notifications of those he replied to. So he reached out to Twitter. It turns out he was erroneously listed as spam by Twitter. Twitter says spam, but it really seems to be shadow-banning. This is something more and more conservatives are dealing with in social media.

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