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WTF MSM!? On DACA, there’s really only one side

Conservative Review


Networks ignore other side … NewsBusters reports that the broadcast networks were devoid of any voices explaining how DACA was unconstitutional or bad policy in their broadcasts after President Trump put a six-month moratorium on the executive action and challenged Congress to act. The networks were full of pro-DACA coverage. But the media isn’t biased …

Dan Rather melts down … MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin tweeted out a social media post by Dan Rather on the DACA decision. Griffin highlighted this quote: “The norms of our democracy are being shattered at a blinding pace.” What happened yesterday is the complete opposite of that. The “norms of our democracy” — which is really a republic — are to have the legislative branch pass a law and the executive branch sign it and implement it. DACA was the making of law by executive fiat. What Trump did yesterday was in fact returning the country to its republican norms.

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