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WTF MSM!? The media’s collusion delusion is collapsing

Conservative Review

Sayonara, narrative …

One-sided … The National Review’s John Fund wrote on Sunday, “The media see only one collusion story.” Fund is absolutely right. For people like CNN’s media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter, any suggestion that evidence exists of malfeasance by Obama administration officials is an attack on the rule of law. Fund laid out how the media has been fighting back on any collusion narrative other than Trump-Russia. Fund also acknowledged one glaring truth: After a year of being attacked as a “conspiracy theorist,” LevinTV host Mark Levin “has been vindicated.”

Praetorian Guardsman to the end … CNN”s Brian Stelter has been a loyal member of the media’s Praetorian Guard for ages, and he shows no signs of turning. In his newsletter last night, Stelter devoted the majority of his writing to fighting back against recent revelations that the Justice Department used an informant to investigate spy on the Trump campaign in 2016. The piece is clearly Stelter trying to weave a narrative.

When called out on that narrative-weaving, mainly using the phrase “far-right bloggers,” Stelter leapt into his standard defense mode. You see, HE wasn’t saying it was “far-right bloggers;” someone else did and he just quoted that phrase from someone else. That’s a bovine excrement response from Stelter and he knows it.

Stelter’s modus operandi is to weave a narrative that suits him, then when called on it, to fall back on “it wasn’t me.” It makes one wonder if Stelter’s diploma came from the Shaggy School of Journalism.

“Offensive” … Just like a schoolyard bully, when Stelter gets called out for his partisanship, he gets offended and cries. That’s exactly what he did in this exchange with Kellyanne Conway on his television program Sunday. When Conway said that Stelter said “something that a lot of people on your [Stelter’s] side of the aisle are not willing to say,” Stelter shot back, “I’m not on a side of the aisle. That’s an offensive remark.”

Sure, Brian. Your entire body of work since 2016 shows that you are clearly on a side of the aisle. You’ve been a protector of your side of the aisle interests. You call people conspiracy theorists when they put together information that the media has dribbled out piecemeal. Then, when you are proven to be wrong, you can’t man up and say that you’re wrong. You double, triple, and even quadruple down on it.

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