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Birthright Citizenship Will End. Thank You Donald Trump.


Birthright citizenship was never intended and will end. Donald Trump may not be the one to sign the bill, but he was the one to set the agenda.

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Donald Trump is a loud, rich businessman running for president who agrees with President Dwight Eisenhower that children born to illegal immigrants should not be treated as citizens of the United States. He is called a racist.

Hillary Clinton is the former top diplomat for the United States running for president who chose to route her email traffic with the world’s leaders through a server in a closet in a bathroom in a flat in Denver that had no security system. She, of course, did nothing wrong.

Guess which one is considered the buffoon without the temperament or judgment to be president.

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In 2009 I met with a group of doctors in Gwinnett County, Georgia to talk about President Barack Obama’s healthcare proposal. The conversation got around to the numbers of patients who came to the emergency room without insurance.

A doctor new to Gwinnett announced that it wasn’t just the emergency room. He had just completed his OB-GYN residency in Miami. He said that he delivered hundreds of babies over two years, but not one of the mothers was an American citizen. Not one. They came mostly from Latin America, but some were from China, Russia and the Middle East. They admitted that they were there so that their child would be an American citizen.

And why do they do this?

Another story came at another town hall meeting. The lady was from a border town in Arizona. She said that her town’s post office had more mailboxes than the town had citizens.

Immigrants came across the border to deliver their babies and the new American citizens immediately qualified for U.S. welfare benefits. The parents knew exactly what the new baby was eligible for.

We are being taken for suckers.

Our political class has concluded that we would never intentionally do something this stupid so they have retreated to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

However, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution says: “The Congress shall have the power to establish a uniform Rule of Nationalization.”

Those powers are not circumscribed in any way in any place.

Following the Civil War the governments of the old Confederacy continued to deny negroes access to the courts and the vote. It was decided to memorialize those rights in the Constitution.

The 14th Amendment gave them the same citizenship rights as everyone else. Section 1: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

If it was intended for everyone born in the United States to be citizens, the words, “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” are superfluous. Those words were carefully added to ensure that Native Americans were not granted citizenship since they were subject to Tribal jurisdiction.

Sixteen years after the amendment was ratified John Elk, a Native American who was “born in the United States,” went all the way to the Supreme Court to gain his citizenship. He lost.

Native Americans were not American citizens until Congress passed the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. They did it by statute, not constitutional amendment.

Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship for children of illegals has caused the establishment in both parties to get the vapors. “What about the children?”

One wonders how Operation Wetback under President Eisenhower was able to deport or cause to leave nearly a million men women and children without impeachment. He also appears to have escaped the charge of racist.

Imagine the Congress debating the 14th Amendment in 1866. They had just fought a great war to end the brutal practice of slavery. They intended to place an exclamation point on this tawdry matter.

Imagine them deep in negotiation over language that would at the same time guarantee citizenship to freed negroes but not native Americans, and then as an afterthought someone says, “Let’s throw in the children of people who sometime in the future may break the law and live in our country illegally.”

I don’t think so.

I do not expect Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee, but I admire him and salute him for showing the Republican establishment – the elected, the lobbyists and the chattering class – how out of touch they are with the American people.

They simply do not understand why America is attracted to Trump and if he is elected they will have more difficulty working with him than with President Obama.

As they continue to ridicule Trump while taking Hillary Clinton seriously you begin to wonder if they too have a server in their bathroom.

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