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Clinton Is Above The Law, So The Law Is Dead

Clinton Is Above The Law, So The Law Is Dead

There is only "law." There is only whatever the most powerful say the law is at any given moment. The law is their word. The law is not real.

Write this down. Record the date. Remember it.

July 5, 2016. 11:15 a.m. One day after America's 240th birthday.

When historians conduct their autopsy on Lady Justice, that will be the time of death. That is the precise moment when Justice drew her last labored breath, cursed our ridiculous country and our hopelessly corrupt government, and collapsed. Sure, she'd been in bad shape for a while, but there was no surviving the final blow. When it is explicitly announced and made public that the wealthiest and most elite and most liberal are indeed above the law, the charade of "law" cannot continue. There is no law. We are living under the rule of men, not of law. We are subject to the whims of petty tyrants and bureaucrats. They are subject to no one on Earth.


None of that was directly said today when FBI Director James Comey held a press conference recommending no criminal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton, but he may as well have said it. He may as well have produced a binder with all the laws governing how classified information is sent and stored, lit it on fire, stripped off his clothes, and danced naked around the roaring flame, laughing maniacally as the rule of law literally went up in smoke. At least that would have been more interesting to watch, and certainly more honest.

Instead, Comey spent 10 minutes of his 15 minute press conference explaining in painstaking detail all of the various laws Hillary Clinton broke and all the many lies she clearly told. And then he spent the last five minutes telling us how she won't be held accountable for any of it.


Yes, Comey reported, Hillary sent and received over a 100 pieces of information that were classified at the time. She used not just one private server, but multiple servers. Yes, she sent and received eight emails that were top secret at the time. Yes, she deleted many emails, and of the evidence they could recover, they found several which, yes, were classified at the time she sent or received them.

Yes, Comey confirmed that "hostile actors" could have quite possibly gained access to Clinton's top secret emails. Yes, the FBI discovered that various nefarious agents had hacked into accounts that Clinton communicated with. Yes, she sent and received government emails on her private servers while overseas and in the territory of "sophisticated adversaries." Yes, Clinton was "extremely careless," as Comey put it. Yes, there is clear evidence that she violated statutes regarding the handling of classified information.

So, yes, we now know for sure what seemed obvious all along. Yes, Clinton sent classified and top secret information on private servers, in clear violation of the law, and she lied about it. Yes, she lied when she said she never sent classified information. Yes, she lied when she said she was acting within State Department guidelines. Yes, she lied when she said she produced all of her government emails and gave them to investigators. Yes, she lied when she said she conducted classified business on a private server because she didn't want to carry around two devices. Yes, she lied. Yes, she lied. Yes, she lied. And, yes, she broke the law. Repeatedly.

But no. No, there will be no indictment. After spending 10 minutes giving us all the yeses, he used the last five minutes to give us the big no. The transition was jarring. It was like the first part of the press conference was from an alternate universe where government officials are held publicly accountable for being repulsive, dishonest, pathologically lying crooks, and the second part sent us barreling back to the real world where nobody named Clinton is ever punished for anything, ever, under any circumstance. This must be what it's like to watch a press conference in North Korea.

At one point, Comey actually said that other people who do the exact same thing might still face consequences: "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences."

Translation: If you're not favored by the media and the administration, don't get any big ideas.

[sharequote align="center"]Translation: If you're not favored by the media and the administration, don't get any big ideas.[/sharequote]

And those "consequences" for the non-Clinton criminals are not merely administrative. Gen. David Petraeus was convicted of a crime for keeping some classified information in a notebook in his house and sharing it with his biographer. He plead down to a misdemeanor, but in his case the FBI pushed for a felony charge. What he did was against the law, but it was considerably less dangerous and less egregious than the secretary of state traveling abroad and sending classified information through unprotected, illegal, private servers while in the territory of highly sophisticated hackers.

Anyway, regardless of how this compares to other situations, the fact remains, as Ben Shapiro notes, that Hillary Clinton acted in contradiction to at least five federal statues. And that's the most generous possible interpretation. Comey assumed Hillary was just extremely, unbelievably, unfathomably stupid, which is still no excuse for breaking the law. I couldn't even get out of speeding ticket by claiming -- accurately, in my case --  that there was only one speed limit sign and it was obstructed by an overhanging branch. I assumed the limit was 55. Turns out it was 30. Oops. Guess who still had to face the consequences and pay the fine?

But Clinton shouldn't even have that excuse -- which still isn't an excuse for a non-Clinton peon like myself -- available to her. The FBI may have decided that all of the evident lies and cover ups were perhaps not intentional, but the rest of us have watched the Clintons "accidentally" lie and scheme and conspire for three decades and we're starting to suspect that maybe these people aren't just cute little bumbling characters from some slapstick political comedy. Maybe they're actually evil, despicable, power-drunk felons. In fact, we're certain of it, because there is no rational way to explain how two of the most powerful people in the world can't manage to follow the law for, like, a week.

What is maybe most troubling about all of this is how little effort the Powers That Be are putting into concealing their corruption. Thomas Jefferson said the government should fear its citizens. Our government, on the other hand, laughs at us. It raises its enormous hand, flips us the middle finger, and says, "Go to Hell, peasants." It isn't even trying to pretend anymore.

How else do you explain not only the outcome of this case, but the timing. Consider the way these events unfolded:

  • Last week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had an "impromptu" meeting at the Phoenix airport. They spoke secretly for about a half hour. Later they said the clandestine conversation between the head of the Justice Department and the husband of a woman currently under federal investigation was about golf and grandkids.
  • A couple of days later, the Clinton camp announced that it will likely keep Lynch on as attorney general if Clinton wins the presidency.
  • On Saturday, Clinton was interviewed by the FBI about her emails.
  • On Tuesday morning, while Clinton was on Air Force One with Obama on the way to a campaign event in North Carolina, the FBI director announced that Clinton should not be indicted.
  • Mere hours later, Obama and Clinton did their first campaign stop together.

Clinton was cleared publicly by the FBI days after a meeting between Bill Clinton and the attorney general, and literally hours before the president was scheduled to stand on stage with Hillary and sing her praises. Like I said, they're not trying to hide it. The fix is in, and they don't care who knows it.

There is no justice in America. At least not for the protected classes. And if they are immune from justice, then justice cannot be said to exist. After all, the laws that constrain the most powerful are arguably the most important. If I break the law as a measly little blogger on the internet, there's only so much damage I can do. If the secretary of state breaks the law, she can jeopardize the safety and security of hundreds of millions, even billions, of people. And she did break it. And she did jeopardize them. And the law has been unilaterally rewritten to shield her from prosecution, so there is no law. There is only "law." There is only whatever the most powerful say the law is at any given moment. The law is their word. The law is not real.

Now, how should the people react to this revelation? Should we rob banks and steal cars and argue that our crimes are just the result of "extreme carelessness"? Should we riot? Should we burn D.C. to the ground, metaphorically or literally, and start over from scratch? I wouldn't recommend those measures, although Thomas Jefferson believed the government ought to be so afraid of its people that it behaves itself for fear that we may do exactly that, or worse.

What I would hope, what I would call for, is a peaceful yet drastic change in how we function as citizens and voters. We should be utterly unforgiving of corruption and deception, and we should make government officials guilty of such indiscretions pay dearly for it at the polls, regardless of party. The Hillary Clintons of the world should not even be nominated by a free people who value their liberty. They should be scorned and cast aside. If the government will not punish them for their crimes, we should punish them with political losses, shame, and ridicule. Hillary Clinton should spend her remaining days on Earth hiding in her house with the blinds drawn, disgraced, bankrupted, and forgotten. For the sake of our children and even for her own sake, for the sake of her eternal soul, she should be made to feel the wrath of the people. Of all people. Both parties. Party doesn't matter. Or it shouldn't.

That's the way it should go. And if it did go that way, maybe in a decade or two we'd successfully purge our government of most of the scoundrels and felons and have a country run by basically competent and basically honest men and women. That would be nice. That's how it should be. But that's not how it is, and the Powers That Be know it. They are counting on the idiocy and apathy of the American people. They are betting that the citizens of this once great nation will forget Clinton's crimes by the end of the day and flock dutifully to the polls in November, willingly handing the reins of power to an open and unashamed crook.

Sadly, they've made a pretty safe bet.

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