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Clintonian Lies Continue With Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger/Huma Abedin Psychodrama


"Abedin stood by his side, claiming that she "loves" and "believes in" him. The script was right out of the Hillary Clinton playbook."

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin in 2011. Photo Credit: AP (Pablo Martinez Monsivais).

The Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger/Huma Abedin psychodrama has kicked over an old, moldy rock, beneath which is the revolting and exhausting thing known as the Clinton psychodrama.

Abedin has been Hillary Clinton's closest adviser for nearly two decades, from the White House to the Senate to the State Department. By many accounts, Abedin is the person to whom Hillary turns first, after Bill. Her full-time job is running Hillary's "transition team" -- leaving open the question: "transition to what?" The answer is pretty obvious.

After the new revelations that Carlos Danger kept sexting with college-age women right through this year, Abedin stood by his side, claiming that she "loves" and "believes in" him. The script was right out of the Hillary Clinton playbook. And yet, reports are that Hillary and Bill are "furious" with the comparisons. Take that one with a grain of salt.

Then there's the question of truth, which has always been elastic for the Clintons. Here is one version of events from the New York Post:

"Hillary didn’t know Huma would do this whole stand-by-your-man routine, and that’s one of the reasons the Clintons are distancing themselves from all this nonsense,’’ the source said.

And here's another version from Politico:

Abedin did not give Clinton a personal heads-up that she planned to defend her husband at a hastily-called press conference last week. Still, Clinton was aware ahead of time that she planned to do it, having been alerted from others in her orbit, sources said.

So: did Hillary know ahead of time or didn't she? The answer to that particular question may be immaterial, but the bigger point is not. The Clintons have always had a casual acquaintance with the truth, which led -- and continues to lead -- to all kinds of distress for the nation. She didn't know about Bill's womanizing in 1992 when they first ran for president. She didn't know about Monica Lewinsky before that scandal blew up. She didn't know that Huma was going to do a Hillary routine. She didn't know what what going on in Benghazi, and she doesn't know what has happened since.

For the "smartest woman in the world," she's pretty stupid. And she's still the same old slippery liar.


Front page photo credit: AP (Pablo Martinez Monsivais). 

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