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CNN Repeatedly Shows Map of Israel-Free Middle East


It’s not a secret that the goal of Islamic terrorist groups is to destroy Israel. It seems CNN and others have already made the maps reflect this.

Pro-ISIS social media accounts have shared this map which shows an Islamic caliphate covering the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain.

It’s not a secret that the goal of Islamic terrorist groups, whether the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Sunni, or Shia, is to destroy Israel. Period.

It doesn’t matter which group wins, although the longer they fight amongst themselves the more time Israel has to prepare for the victor’s eventual attack.

CNN, however, can’t wait. They have already removed Israel from the map. In every report they have televised, all day throughout different programs, they consistently show a map of the Middle East without the State of Israel labeled. From a simple map, shown below, to a more detailed map which can be seen here (see the map at 00:53 mark).

Photo Credit: CNN Photo Credit: CNN

Not surprisingly, CNN is not alone. Here is a look at the map being shown on ABC:

Photo Credit: ABC News Photo Credit: ABC News

The stated goal of the ISIS is to create a unified Islamic state which imposes Shariah Law. ISIS intends to occupy territory belonging to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Israel will have a new neighbor - a neighbor described as the most brutal of all terrorist groups.

The leader of ISIS is a man by the name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and he is a former prisoner who was released by the U.S. in 2009. A self-proclaimed descendant of Mohammed, Mr. al-Baghdadi is considered the “new” Osama Bin Laden.

Described as “utterly ruthless” and a “ferocious individual,” Mr. Baghdadi is responsible for Al Qaeda’s resurgence in Iraq and Syria. It is not known why he was deemed fit for release in 2009.

CNN, ABC and others are ignoring the real story here: A militant Islamic terrorist group intends to set up shop on the border with Israel.

They will impose Shariah Law on their own people while working towards their ultimate goal: The destruction of Israel.

They will not succeed.

Even the Koran agrees Israel belongs to the Jewish people, as stated in Koran 7:7:

G-d Himself bequeaths the Land of Israel to the Jews, as a nation who thought themselves weak, and blesses them with goodness.

CNN take notice, Israel is not going to disappear from any map.

Amy Barath strives to present an unbiased, common-sense opinion, unhampered by a particular political idealogy. Let Amy know if you're in her corner...amybarath@yahoo.com

Feature Photo: ISIS Twitter

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