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Dear Planned Parenthood CEO, Let Me Teach You About Compassion And Respect


I only wish that you could muster a little true compassion for the women who come to your abortion stores.

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Dear Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards,

Hello, my name is Matt Walsh, and I am a longtime financial contributor to your organization. Despite my frequent charitable giving, I have never received so much as a thank you card. I find this rather rude, and have been planning to write to you about this matter for some time.

But I now have a more urgent situation to address, as I just read with great interest your recent Twitter tantrum over the 20-week abortion ban passed by the House. In a series of tweets, you called it "dangerous," "misguided," and "backwards" to prevent doctors from executing 5-month-old babies who can feel pain and who are only three weeks (in some cases even less than that) from being viable outside the womb.

Dangerous, you said, to not kill babies.

And not satisfied to simply pretend that our national security is threatened when we suffer a slight reduction in the number of corpses collected in the HAZMAT dumpsters behind your clinics, you went on to insist that saving the lives of children "lacks compassion and respect."

It's on the issue of compassion and respect that I find the need, as a lifetime Planned Parenthood booster, to interject.

You say it is not compassionate or respectful to do anything at all that might preserve the life of this human being:

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If you are sincere, then I think you are in dire need of a vocabulary lesson.

Before we even get to the most relevant concern -- the millions of babies you've killed -- why don't we start with the fact that, as I mentioned, I am an annual donor to your company, even though I do not choose to be and I do not want to be.

Indeed, the government forces all of us to donate to you, the largest and most profitable abortion provider in the nation, against our will and in spite of our choice.

Your company has been relying on taxpayer sugar daddies for 45 years, and it just keeps getting progressively more egregious. You're currently raking in over half a billion dollars in tax money annually -- all of it collected without respect to anyone's choice. I'm told that a good many of the people you're stealing from are also women, so even "a woman's choice" can be, in your estimation, superseded if some wealthy authority figure decides that she ought to be separated from her hard earned income for reasons that are beyond her ability to comprehend.

I find this arrogance and paternalism quite disrespectful to women (and men, if you care about that sort of thing).

It's disrespectful, specifically, to our rights, our wallets, and our intelligence. You justify your status as welfare recipients by claiming that Planned Parenthood is non-profit. This would be easier to stomach if not for the $127 million in profit  you made last year.

I'm no financial wiz, but I'm not the idiot you take me for, either. I know that a nine figure profit is, well, a profit. And a pretty handsome one at that.

I guess there's no way to explain your profitable non-profit designation other than to conclude that the Occupy Wall Street folks were right: you privileged elitists in the One Percent (your $500,000 salary puts you firmly in that camp) play by different rules. For instance, you get to call your affiliates "health centers" even though you, like almost all of your executives, have no healthcare background at all. Virtually your entire leadership structure is comprised of political activists who make cushy six figure paydays to run a billion dollar "non-profit" abortion wholesaler that bills itself as a doctor's office.

You also get to claim that abortions make up just "3 percent" of your business, when they actually account for at least a third of your revenue. This is the kind of accounting that would drive most companies into the ground and then straight into prison. The dishonesty is staggering. And not very respectful.

Now, if I get off on a tangent about Planned Parenthood dishonesty, we will literally be here all day. I could start listing all of the exceedingly disrespectful lies you guys tell, like when your clinics are constantly caught up in financial crimes and Medicaid fraud, but what would that achieve?

You get the point, I hope. It lacks compassion and respect to lie all the time. Especially when you're frequently lying by not reporting rape to the police because you're more worried about getting the rape victim's money than preventing further abuse. Or when you're lying by coaching sex traffickers on how to procure abortion services for their prostitutes. And then there are the lies you tell when you pretend abortion saves women's lives, when, in fact, it can and does kill them. And just as bad as all of that, you also lie about the conditions of your abortion mills, failing to disclose that some of them are under investigation for being, as the workers describe, unsafe and unsanitary meat-markets.

Sorry, I said I wouldn't do this.

Besides, you aren't always a liar. Sometimes your company tells the truth, like a couple of years ago when a Planned Parenthood lobbyist openly endorsed killing babies after they're born, because transporting them to a hospital would be too much of a hassle. Your founder, the eugenicist Margaret Sanger, was often very honest and open about the fact that she believed in using birth control to "clean the race" and that poor people and blacks should be sterilized and segregated. Your vice president was exceedingly honest himself when he wrote a memo in 1969 suggesting that the U.S. population be controlled through compulsory abortion, sterilization agents in the water supply, and forced sterilization of any woman with two kids or more.

But I suppose those were more honest times, generally. This was back when your brochures actually admitted that abortion "takes the life of a baby," and that it might render women sterile.

Planned Parenthood, as you know, has always been repugnant, vile, abhorrent, cruel, destructive, racist, brutal, and murderous, but it used to be pretty upfront about it. Now you do the same things while hiding behind a thick wall of propaganda and deception.

It's cowardly, ma'am. You are a coward. You all are.

And you clearly lack respect, to put it mildly.

But lots of organizations thrive on manipulation and obfuscation. What really sets you apart, of course, is the murdering. You, Ms. Richards, are personally responsible for 327,000 children being executed this past year alone. In all, your abortion retailers have slaughtered over 6 million human beings, which makes you about as prolific as the Nazis, and equal in moral depravity.

To put this in perspective, consider the professional football stadium in my hometown of Baltimore. It has a seating capacity of about 71,000. I would need more than 4 stadiums of that size to fit all of the children you've slain in one year. That's four entire football stadiums stacked with dead bodies, and even then we'd run out of room. I could fill every football stadium in the country 3 times with the people you've killed over the course of Planned Parenthood's existence.

So, compassion?


I want you to actually visualize it, Cecile. Visualize 90 stadiums packed with maimed, rigid corpses, and and then tell me again about your compassion and respect. Tell me how "compassion and respect" slaughters 6 million people.

You're a certifiable lunatic if you legitimately believe mass genocide is compassionate. But you don't actually believe that, do you? You know better. You're a businesswoman, not a psychopath. Killing is just your business.

[sharequote align="center"]I only wish that you could muster true compassion for the women who come to your abortion stores.[/sharequote]

I only wish that you could muster a little true compassion for the women who come to your abortion stores. I know you don't give a crap about the kids, but can't you find it in your heart to develop some slight pang of empathy for these mothers? You make the bizarre claim on your website that moms have a "positive emotional response" to killing their offspring, but two Finnish studies have found that post-abortive women are up to six times more likely to commit suicide. I guess if you consider infanticide compassionate I shouldn't be surprised that you think suicide is a positive emotional response, but like I said, I don't think you really see it that way. I think you know that abortion will wreck these women, but you continue along because you love their money more than you love them.

Many women who end up at your clinics say they felt pressured to get an abortion, and most report that Planned Parenthood provides them with little or no information about the fetus you're trying to convince them to murder. This isn't shocking either, considering you oppose laws that would require abortion factories to at least offer to show women an ultrasound before they get the procedure.

Keep them in the dark. Exploit their ignorance. I get it. Smart marketing strategy -- but compassionate?

That's a tough sell.

Did you know that babies at 20 weeks can recognize their mother's voice? They have hair, and fingernails, and skin, and you can hear their heartbeat with a stethoscope. Moms can feel their babies start to kick at 20 weeks. Did you know that? Obviously you do. You're no doctor, but I'm sure you took biology at some point in high school.

So you also know that these babies have a nervous system, they react to outside stimuli, and they feel pain. Which means you know that when a child is sliced into pieces during a Dilation and Curettage abortion, and then scooped out of the uterus like a plumber unclogs a sewage line, the pain is excruciating. And if the method is Dilation and Evacuation, you know the child is alive and in agony as the doctor literally rips him apart, limb by limb, while the nurse collects his body parts and reassembles them to be sure that no pieces were left inside.

The last part to be pulled out is the child's severed head.

Even animals are put down more humanely than this. You and I would both be disturbed if we hired an exterminator to take care of a mouse problem and we found out he kills them by tearing them to pieces. And those are damned rodents. These babies are human beings.


Stop using that word, you hypocrite. It's just obscene at this point.

I'll be honest, here I am talking about compassion, but I struggle with it myself. It's hard for me to feel any compassion towards you at all, Cecile. You are guilty of overseeing some of the most heinous acts ever perpetrated by mankind. The anger I feel at your savageness is hard to put into words. It's a visceral thing. I am disgusted by your actions. Even as I write this I feel sick to my stomach. Repulsed. Infuriated. Sad. I weep for these babies even if you don't, because they are real, and they are human, and they were alive.

I detest what you do and who you are, but as a Christian I am commanded to love all people, even if their deeds are as dark and hideous as Hell itself. So I feel that the greatest kindness I can offer you is to remind you that facilitating, organizing, and profiting from the deaths of hundreds of thousands of infant children is an evil so base and unspeakable that it would make the average ISIS leader cringe.

You are committing atrocities on a scale unmatched by any Middle East regime or terrorist cell. Planned Parenthood doesn't merely lack compassion, it lacks any semblance of humanity. Your work and your legacy is one of death and profit and nothing else. That is the mark you will leave, and the way history will ultimately remember you and your organization.

But you're still alive, unlike those six million babies, so there's still time to do something positive and redemptive with your life. You're getting older, Cecile, but there's time.

It will be difficult. It has to start with confronting and accepting everything I've said here. You have to look in the mirror and see yourself for the tyrant you are. You have to behold it, recognize it, come to terms with it. And then you can move on and heal.

What happens after that? I don't know.

But maybe at the end of it all, you'll discover what it's like to feel true compassion.

I hope you do.

I hope you reclaim your humanity.

I will pray for your soul. Please pray for mine.


Matt Walsh

P.S. I would be more than willing to discuss and debate these issues with you in a public forum. If you have the courage, reach out to me.

Note to readers who aren't Cecile Richards: if you want Planned Parenthood to be defunded -- and you should if you paid attention to what I wrote here -- then contact your representatives today and demand it. Every dollar Planned Parenthood gets from taxpayers is an unconstitutional injustice, and it needs to be stopped. Speak up and say something. 

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