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Dear Target, We're Just Tired of the Nonsense. That's Why We're Boycotting.
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Dear Target, We're Just Tired of the Nonsense. That's Why We're Boycotting.

It's the principle of it.

Dear Target,

I used to be a frequent customer of yours. My wife was an even more frequent customer. I can't say our loyalty was due to the quality of your goods and services, but it was loyalty all the same. We would've just as soon gone to Walmart, but our local Walmart is kind of dirty and smells funny. I mean, more than usual. So we ended up with you. It's a classic American love story.


But that's all over now. Because of your decision to let men who "identify as women" use the women's room, my wife and I had to make a decision of our own. This week, we went cold turkey on our Target habit. We dependably spent money in your establishment on a regular basis, and now we're done. Of course this comes as no surprise to you. We are one of countless Americans who've made the same choice.

The Boycott Target petition has over 800 thousand signatures now. If you take into account the folks who ditched you but didn't sign a petition, I think it's safe to say your problem is exponentially worse than the 800 thousand names.

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You're in trouble, Target. You alienated hundreds of thousands of customers for the sake of appeasing about three, and now you're learning that it perhaps wasn't the smartest business plan. I didn't go to business school, but I bet this is a lesson they teach on the first day: Don't throw away 800 thousand customers in favor of less than half a dozen. The math just doesn't work. Although, if this is your new strategy, I have a brand new quarter I'd like to sell you for a million dollars.

In any case, maybe it's just a nostalgia thing, but I feel the urge to reach out and offer you some help. Or if not help then clarity. It's obvious from your statement responding to the boycott that you still don't get it. You said you're committed to an "inclusive experience," which is an odd way of describing a policy that just excluded 800 thousand people and counting.

The not-so-hidden subtext of your statement is that the customers boycotting your store are drooling bigots who want "discrimination" against "transgenders." Believe me, we hear your accusations loud and clear and will continue responding accordingly. But you are half right. We do favor discrimination in the bathrooms. Specifically, we believe men's rooms should discriminate against women, and women's rooms against men. But I wouldn't call that bigoted anymore than I call it bigoted when I see tampon commercials marketed exclusively to women.

It could be that Tampax hates men and wants to hurt our feelings and make us feel ostracized and sad, but I think the more likely explanation for this bold marketing tactic is that women menstruate and men do not. Even men who "identify as women" will never menstruate. Neither will they ever come into possession of a uterus. Neither have any "transwomen" ever bore a child, nor will they ever.

Indeed, every gynecologist office in America is filled with women. If I tried to book a gynecological appointment for myself, I imagine I'd be quickly and decisively rebuffed. You see, I am excluded from the stirrups at the gynecologist's because I don't have a vagina, because I'm not a woman. Likewise, if I tried to hire a midwife to deliver my baby next month, the midwife would react with great prejudice, explaining that I can't have a midwife because I'm not having a baby, because I don't have womb, because I'm a man. If I insisted that I feel rather like a woman, and I feel like there's a life growing inside me, she's probably inform me that my condition is known as constipation, not conception. And, again, I'm a man.

This is the sort of discrimination we expect in the bathroom. Not the "I hate you" sort, but more the "reality exists and so does science" sort. The sort of discrimination you engage in anytime you distinguish between one thing and another. Between, for instance, an elephant and a muffin, or an oak tree and a Hyundai, or a woman and a man.

Different things are treated differently, because they're different. Sometimes they're even given different places to use the toilet. I don't defecate into a pair of Luvs anymore because I'm an adult, and I don't pee in the women's room because I'm a man. Stop me when you get confused. If you need additional resources, here's a link illustrating some of these concepts.

I'm sure you've heard that our main concern with your "transgender" bathroom policy is that it's "unsafe," but that's not really the issue. Yes, we are concerned about safety, and considering the sex crimes that occur in public restrooms, particularly at our nation's Target stores, we have reason to be wary. There are many weirdos and perverts our there, and when you announce, "Hey dudes, if you're feeling feminine, come use the lady's room," you are asking for bad things to happen.

Moreover, "transgenders," what few exist in the world, are by definition mentally ill. You can't stop these types from coming into the store, I realize, but you inexcusably endanger children when you invite them to play out their twisted fantasies inside your restrooms. There are seedy sex clubs and internet forums for that. Why would you want it in your bathroom stalls? Well, whether you want it or not, we don't. So we boycott.

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But, as I said, that's not the main point. Even if you found some magical way to be "inclusive" in your restrooms but still ensure safety - which you can't - we'd still boycott. We'd boycott either way because, beyond safety, this is a matter of truth.

You have decided to use your resources and your influential position in the culture to attack and undermine fundamental truths of human existence. That's our real gripe. It's not true that men can be women and women can be men. It's just not true. That's why we oppose it. Because it isn't true. It's that simple. Everything else is secondary. And if the money we give you will be spent insisting on this bizarre and ridiculous lie, we'll stop giving it to you. If you want to be a proponent of radical, extremist, left wing gender theory, that's your call. But I'll buy my toilet paper and khakis somewhere else, thank you.

Men and women are biologically distinct and complementary, that's the truth. To find happiness and fulfillment, we must start by accepting our own nature. Our nature cannot be changed. It can be explored, lived, and understood, but not altered. Our sex is a gift, not a mistake or an aberration. And it is a gift that we are meant to give to another person of the opposite sex. And together, when two members of the opposite sex give themselves to one another, the possibility for the formation of a new life is present. This is good. This is beautiful. This is true. You are publicly denying that truth, and there ought to be repercussions for it.

If I can be emotionally vulnerable for a moment, Target, I have to admit that we're just tired. We're tired of the unrelenting nonsense that surrounds us in this culture. It rains from the sky and accumulates on the ground like nuclear fallout, and we trudge around in it all day. Our legs are worn out. We can't do it anymore. We have to listen to it constantly, from all sides, and now we can't even go to the store to grab some Tupperware without hearing a sermon about the "human rights" of gender confused homosexuals? No, sorry, we're done. Not today. Not this time.

It's the principle of it. Not the safety, the principle. Everyone talks about "safety" because many of them are too afraid to just come out and say, "I don't like these new bathroom policies because 'transgenderism' is utter insanity and I don't want to have this preposterous silliness foisted on me anymore." Most everyone in the world knows that a man doesn't become a woman just because he "feels" like one, but of those who know it, many insist on it for ideological reasons, and many of the rest won't directly contradict it because they're scared.

Arguing safety is safe. Arguing that "transgenders" are delusional fetishists and progressive gender theory is idiotic rubbish is less safe. But rest assured, everyone who opposes a policy of letting "transwomen" in the women's room really opposes it, first and foremost, for the less safe reason. They just won't say it, so they need some headstrong, loudmouthed jerk to say it. And here I am.

I can only hope this becomes a trend. There are many companies who've dedicated themselves to spreading lies, propaganda, nonsense, and moral scandal. Those of us who desire not to live this kind of relativistic progressive dystopia ought to stop financing the forces deadset on creating it. This should be just the start of a new era where the remaining sane and decent citizens of this country - however small our numbers may be - dedicate ourselves to aggressively defending and fighting for the truth, and refusing to prop up, fund, help or otherwise support those who attack it.

May this be the beginning of something. And if you continue to campaign for deviancy and perversion - insulting, denigrating and endangering your own customers in the process - may you go out of business. That's what you deserve.

But maybe you can keep yourself afloat by dominating the "transgender" market.

Good luck with that.

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