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Do 15 GOP Hopefuls Think Hillary Is Low-Hanging Fruit?


So many GOP candidates entering the field suggests the 15 hopefuls think Hillary will be easy to beat.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks on July 7, 2015 in Iowa City, Iowa. (Image source: David Greedy/Getty Images)

With this week's entrance of Gov. Scott Walker from Wisconsin, that makes 15 hopefuls, and I do mean hopefuls. What I don’t know about presidential campaign politics could fill a whole, well, a whole blog post. But here’s what I do know.

1. Fifteen separate Americans have announced their intention to become leader of the free world. (Are we still at the top of the free world? I keep meaning to check with China.)

2. There’s no guarantee that even one of them will win.

From the GOP side of the bush, Hillary Clinton looks like the epitome of low-hanging fruit: sinking in public opinion polls, growing in dodgy baggage, and, frankly, though I hate to be mean, rather unlikeable.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks on July 7, 2015 in Iowa City, Iowa. (Image source: David Greedy/Getty Images)

So is it victory-so-close-you-can-taste-it that motivates each new candidate to throw a tweet into the ring?

The public admires today’s politicians about as much as used car salesmen (no offense to used car salesmen), but surely, they have to be smarter than the average bear. What looks like low-hanging fruit today has yet to be executive produced by the feminist Hollywood set.

If Meryl Streep is going to whoop from the audience at the Oscars, what won’t she do to get the first woman president elected. I don’t know Ms. Streep personally, but I assume she is more a Hillary fan than a Carly fan.

The feminist world tour has yet to begin, which more than likely will get its jet fuel from pitting Hilary against a man, the white-privileged oppressive kind, of course. If I weren’t writing this for an educated and cultured audience, I would use a phrase that captures the idea like no other, but let’s just say it’s a feminist’s dream come true.

Have you ever seen the Family Feud clip where two young men, including a Marine in Dress Blues, are asked to name which of the seven dwarfs their wife is most like in bed? Each man, wisely, oh, so wisely, backs away from the buzzer shaking his head. The Marine, Semper Fi, finally suggests “Bashful;” the other man had sex that night.

Let’s assume that at least half the GOP field is smarter than the average bear and knows there isn’t a snowball’s chance of winning. Why enter?

I can think of three reasons: 1.) the Bernie Sanders effect; 1.) a job application for vice president; or 3.) sour grapes. In other words, they 1.) want us to talk about them; 2.) want to be vice president; or 3.) want to hurt one or more GOP candidates, or even the party.

Because it’s getting embarrassing, isn’t it? And I like Scott Walker - not sorry at all that he entered the race, just wishing we had a GOP version of Bill Clinton to touch one of the candidates with the royal scepter. Or at least make it looks like somebody’s actually minding the GOP store? Reince Priebus, anyone?

And I really don’t know if the Republican National Committee chairman has any pull at all; I just like his name. (What were the conversations when his mother was pregnant? “Honey, what goes with Priebus?” “I know, Reince!”)

More embarrassing still, there are bound to be even more GOP candidates entering the field before this is over. In gum-chewing back rooms all over the country, smart people are strategizing about the optimal moment for entry; the political version of “buy low, sell high.”

Meanwhile, back to the feminist thing. I hope the majority of women voters vote for the candidate on issues and not private parts. Having said that, I confess that the thrill running up my leg at how unflappable Carly Fiorina is may have something to do with the fact that I can relate to her. All of her.

However many candidates ultimately enter the field, however they drop out, whoever gets to the Big Show, let’s just hope we win!

Donna Carol Voss is an author, blogger, speaker, and mom. A Berkeley grad, a former pagan, a Mormon on purpose, and an original thinker on 21st century living, she is the author of “One of Everything,” the story of how she got from where she was to where she is. Contact:

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