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Donald Trump's Biggest Problems And Why None of Them Matter


None of Trump's flaws really matter in the grand scheme of things. Here's why.

Being a child of the 80’s raised in a very conservative household, I had five heroes growing up - Jesus Christ, my Dad, Ronald Reagan, Alex P. Keaton, and Donald Trump.

The first three are obvious, right? I mean, Jesus and your Dad are a given, and what conservative 80’s kid didn’t want to be like Keaton, the good-natured, uber-conservative, coat-and-tie wearing “know-it-all” eldest child from "Family Ties" played by Michael J. Fox? And Trump, well I just thought he was badass, although of course I would have never said the word “badass” then.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Reno Ballroom and Museum in Reno, Nevada, Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016. (AP Photo/Lance Iversen) 

Those were the days when it was OK to admire rich people, and I certainly admired Trump’s brash, unapologetic approach to businesses and particularly his real-estate board game, where I could deal-make my way to unfathomable riches at the expense of my “non-winner” parents and sister, Alex P. Keaton style. I particularly loved the logo on the old game, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but whether you win!” We admired winners then, and Trump seemed to define the word.

Fast-forward to 2016, and the very same Donald’s very real shot at the presidency.

We need a win here, and bad. Lots of my conservative friends along with many commentators I respect have lots of legitimate problems with Trump’s candidacy, problems that an older, wiser “me” can certainly understand. After all, it’s one thing to respect one’s brashness and money-making acumen, but quite another to make that person the leader of the free world. Still, problems aside, my support for Donald Trump remains as steadfast as ever.

I’d like to list several of those very real problems here, along with my reasons why those very real problems don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Read on - it’s gonna be huuuuge!

Problem: Christianity

If Trump is a Christian, he’s a nominal one at best. At worst, he’s faking it to get Christian votes.

If he is indeed a sincere, Bible-believing Christian, Donald Trump certainly doesn’t know the lingo or seem to understand the doctrines very well, as evidenced by his recent appearance at Liberty University where he referred to Second Corinthians as “two” Corinthians and quoted that passage as the “whole ball game” because liberty and Liberty University and … what?

Trump says he’s a Presbyterian. Great! So am I, but the Presbyterians I worship with all have a much firmer grasp of the doctrine of Grace than someone who apparently equates obtaining God’s forgiveness with drinking his “little wine” and having his “little cracker” on the Sundays when he does decide to attend church.

Why It Doesn’t Matter

It’s a good thing Trump isn’t running for Pope or America’s Pastor, right? Because he’d be horrible at that.

Thing is, Trump IS running for the president of the United States, an office in dire need of a strong, decisive, leader who is willing to make the hard decisions and put American interests first. America long ago made the collective decision to shift from Christianity to multiculturalism. I don't agree with the shift, but I also am pragmatic enough to recognize the fact that gradual, incremental changes are much better than demanding the whole ball of wax. Let's give a nominal Christian who at least seems to want to pay attention to his base a shot.

Problem: Abortion

Trump says he’s pro-life, but he was demonstrably pro-choice as recently as the early 2000’s.

Although he did publicly articulate a pro-life stand well before this election in response to a personal situation he experienced (that “pivot point,” for Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere), that stance is still quite muddled. What about Supreme Court justices? What about the “exceptions?” What about Planned Parenthood?

Why It Doesn’t Matter

First of all, except in the instance of appointing Supreme Court justices, a president’s position on abortion means very little. That doesn’t mean being pro-life isn’t important, because it is and I believe Donald Trump is pro-life, but I also believe his administration, advisors, and most of all a Republican Senate will keep him in line if he veers off the reservation and tries to appoint someone demonstrably pro-choice.

Problem: Libertarian

Trump seems to have an authoritarian view of government and his proposals often seem unrealistic and unworkable and sometimes downright mean, such as his promise to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, or temporarily ban Muslim immigration. While many of the Trump proposals sound good to those of us who recognize that harsh measures are what it’s ultimately going to take to get our country on the right track, his views of government are hardly libertarian.

What kinds of infrastructure and actions would it take to actually carry out his immigration proposals? What exactly would be involved in “closing that Internet up.”

Why It Doesn’t Matter

We happen to be in an election-cycle where the ONLY issue that really matters in the long run is immigration. Fail to fix this, and we will permanently alter the demographics of our country to the point where NO conservative will ever have a chance to be elected in a national election. Heck, we’re almost at that point now. Trump has made this issue the focal point of his campaign, which is why his supporters believe him.

As far as the other issues are concerned, there isn’t a president in the last century who hasn’t been accused of overstepping his Constitutional bounds. Is it a problem? Yes. But the answer isn’t electing “the perfect candidate” for one cycle, but rather it’s in Congress and the Judiciary pushing back and reclaiming the power they should rightfully have.

Even in an imperfect system it works to some degree. Consider all the things President Barack Obama would have LIKED to have done the past seven years but hasn’t been able to because of the Republican Congress.

Problem: Critical of Criticism

Trump is an ego-driven, easily-offended, borderline-narcissist who wants everyone to like him and lashes out at his critics in often inexplicable, infantile ways.

Why It Doesn’t Matter

Let’s face it, anyone running for president is narcissistic and power-hungry to some degree. Just because Trump isn’t a career politician and isn’t skilled at saying all the right words and hiding his personality flaws doesn’t mean deeper flaws don’t exist in the more “polished” candidates.

I’d rather deal with a straight shooter who doesn’t say all the right things (but at least I know what I’m getting) than a smooth-talking politician who is likely lying every time his mouth is moving.

Problem: He's a Liberal

Trump was a liberal Hillary supporter and now he’s a “conservative?” Sure seems fishy to me!

Why It Doesn’t Matter

In 1980, a divorced, formerly liberal Hollywood actor ran against a Baptist church deacon and Sunday school teacher. The rest, of course, is history. People change, especially as they get older, wiser, and see life from different perspectives.

Unfortunately, the ideal president that we as Christian conservatives all would prefer is someone who is completely unelectable in today’s society, especially given recent demographic shifts.

We have a chance in Trump’s unique background, personality, and celebrity to actually elect someone whose stated positions (and really, that’s all we can go by at the end of the day) happen to match what at this point in time is best for our country. He is fantastic on immigration, unlike the other candidates he actually addresses the horrific trade imbalance with China and other nations, and he is the only one (besides Rand Paul, who can’t win) who doesn’t seem to want to get us into a pointless, insane war with Russia.

Is Donald Trump perfect? Of course not. He has many flaws and they bother me too. But at this point in history he’s the best chance we have to make America great again.

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