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Grover Norquist's Picks for Naughty and Nice


Americans for Tax Reform chief reveals his top picks of incoming freshman of the 114th Congress.

As the holiday season converges upon us, America's top tax reformer is making his list and checking it twice.

Although he recently announced his support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for President, Grover Norquist revealed to TheBlaze his favorite incoming freshman Congress members and other leaders, as well as a few who made the naughty list.

Among his favorites this season are Congresswoman-elect Mia Love, whom Norquist says as the first black female Republican to serve in Congress is good for the Republican Party, good for taxpayers and good for the Mormon Church as it broadens their diversity.

Norquist is also a fan of French Hill, the newly-elected state legislator from Arkansas who won a scrappy contest despite being outspent by nearly $1 million in Arkansas (do the quick cost-of-living adjustment for Arkansas and let that figure sink in for a minute). Hill previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Treasury among other posts and has bonafide credentials that will make a difference in a state that has gradually been pulling away from its Clinton-era Democrat stronghold.

He also supports Bruce Poliquin, Congressmember-elect from Maine. Norquist said Poliquin signed Americans for Tax Reform's tax pledge back "when everyone told him not to." The Congressman-elect has told constituents he will head to D.C. to "work with anyone" -- Republican or Democrat -- so long as they work for the taxpayer.

Poliquin's win has broader ramifications than just a single Congressional seat. Norquist says Poliquin's votes will infuse energy into Maine's delegation to D.C. and will likely help keep Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in line. (Collins held that seat before she ran for U.S. Senate and became a more reliable vote for Democrats.)

As for the naughty list, the Obama administration is squarely on it thanks to Obamacare and the recent discovery of Gruber tapes in which the chief architect of the behemoth tax admits he and the administration deceived the American people.

Also on the list this year is the administration's ploy to turn the internet into a public utility so that the Federal Communications Commission can impose an "internet tax" on it -- at the rate of 16 percent.

Additionally, any Congress member planning to support the extension of wind energy tax credits will no doubt receive a lump of coal from Norquist, too.

All in all, however, Norquist says there is much to be jolly about this holiday season.

As for the incoming class of freshmen Congress members he says, "They're all good -- we didn't elect a bunch of jerks."

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