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How's that apology feel now?


World War II history teaches us that Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Corps attacked and overran the northern countries in Africa, including Libya. The British were the first to land in Africa and to chase them out followed by our troops in November of 1942. Khadafi had the decency to leave the cemetery for Allied troops killed in Libya alone while he ruled.

No more.

Now, they are desecrating WWII soldiers’ graves and hammering out the cross. This is Libya today. These are the graves of guys (along with the Brits) that saved these people from the Nazi's. Where is our government and media? Not a word.

These are some of the folks who were offended by the burning of the four Qurans. Do you feel better about that apology yet? How do you feel about the aid we’ve sent and are continuing to send to Libya? Let’s hear it for the peaceful Mulims!

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